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Teen Top Debuts and MTV?

Remember the group that I mentioned the other week? Well they finally made their debut and seem to have caught the attention of a lot of people, even here in the US. An upcoming MTV program called ‘Vice Guide to Everything‘ has served as a judge to decide on the group’s capabilities in music, and their possibilities of success once they officially enter the field. They also put the spotlight on Korea’s training system on different groups by visiting the country.

click below to read more about them and watch their new music video

T.O.P. Media revealed, “This program, which introduces Teen Top for the first time, will include in-depth evaluation on the training process the boys have gone through, including dancing lessons, vocal lessons, foreign language lessons, mime lessons, and etiquette lessons. Interviews with people in charge of casting, training, producing, and marketing will also be shown in the program.”

It seems that MTV’s producer Jessie Juke had a lot of interest in Teen Top, that he decided to go back to Korea and film the group’s activities once they debut. His intentions at first were to only capture what they had to go through prior to debut but now they seemed to have peaked his interest even more.
Vice Guide to Everything will begin its promotions U.S. wide starting this summer and will be broadcast starting from August on MTV.
Here’s their full mv, I must admit that I love it even though it’s on the sad side. enjoy~

MTV tries to push GagaBey fans to Lola


So here’s how it went down. Today I’ve been on edge hyping up the Lady Gaga, Beyonce collaboration on Videophone, but at the same time I’m sad because I have basketball when the video is supposed to drop!

I go to basketball, and I’m thinking that maybe coach will be a fan too and let us out early(no such luck) but instead he holds us 30 minutes late. From there I rush to PMo auditions, and after waiting for everyone else I conduct auditions for my set(the kids auditioned to Took the Night by Chelley and loved it!).

So I rush back to the computer ready to satisfy my withdrawals that I can sense coming on, only to find NO VIDEO! I checked Youtube and I get nothing but some stupid SPOOFS and some picture from Perez Hilton, and you know how I feel about that… THING. I assume that MTV is just on their Superman-ish and just have been pouncing on every video Youtube puts up. So I head on over to MTV.

I see something about J.Lo and keep it moving, home girl is old news to me right now. I type in Videophone and articles come up! I go on Twitter and cry for help, and no one answers. Well for a while anyway.

Finally I get this:

Ahmier: @markese Lmao. Yea, as of now – it’s non existent

I am LIVID! So I go back to MTV and decide to check out this MTV thing with J.Lo and I see something that makes my brain connect. Lola is this artist I’ve been trying to find out about and J.Lo is Lola. It’s Lola’s alterego. Watch the clip:


So then my brain begins to work and I realize what has just happened. MTV has built up all of this hype for the Beyonce, Gaga video that’s going to drop. They KNOW that the fans of these two artists are loyal and predominately gay or female that are into sass and dramatics and they’ve decided to dupe them into liking the new J.Lo. While we wait for the Videophone video we are supposed to watchc the other video that’s in it’s place and fall in love with Lola. Pure genius.