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MODEL: Lowell Tautchin Fall 2011

In the span of a season our little Lowell Tautchin has exploded onto the fashion scene. While for the Spring 2011 show season Tautchin booked only 2 shows in one city, for the Fall 2011 season he landed 12, touching down in all of the fashion capitals. Though I have yet to find new editorials since the last update, if casting agents continue booking Lowell as they have for show season we’re sure to see him turn up for some work with a European luxury brand or two. He did manage to bag a job for Thomas Engel Hart last season so we only wish him the best! Lowell now has representation in Milan(I Love) as well as his agents at Mode and Soul.
Lowell answers a few questions for us under the clip.

MoaGB: This is the first season you’ve walked outside of New York, how was the experience?
Lowell Tautchin: The entire European season was phenomenal. I enjoyed the unfamiliarity of my first full season and the traveling aspects that come with it. Making friends, seeing new places, and finding new perspectives are the clich├ęs, but they’re truly the best part of working abroad.

MoaGB: Are there any stark difference between the cities you visited(Paris, Milan, New York, London)?
Lowell Tautchin: Paris and New York are complete opposites and yet easily my favorites. Paris is a place where, outside of castings and shows, you have time to explore and take advantage of the laissez-faire culture; grab a coffee, check out some architecture and put your feet up in a cafe terrace.
New York City feels a little more familiar. It has the same urgency, and down to earth people as back home, just with warmer weather and tons of skyscrapers.

MoaGB: Was there any show in particular that was your favorite?
Lowell Tautchin: Prada was one of the best for me. It was a nice staple for the start of the season. The deciding factor was having a group of really good friends doing the same show.

MoaGB: What’s the main difference between shows and presentations and which do you prefer?
Lowell Tautchin: Shows hands-down are my favorite. Presentations don’t give you the all or nothing feeling.

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Fixate: Lowell Tautchin

Lowell Tautchin
Agency: Major(NY)
Season: SS 2011
Lowell’s face is one that has stuck with me. I’m not exactly sure why, as I’ve found that he doesn’t really have a body of work behind him… but it just has. Maybe it’s a sign… I’ll take it as a sign. From what I hear though, he may be shooting a big editorial/campaign in Paris(maybe the Arena Hommes shoot). I also hear that Mode tried to sign him once before and he turned them down… thank God for persistence! Oh, and this just so happens let me introduce the Major Spring/Summer 2011 Showpackage, that I posted back during show season. I love it because of the quotes from The September Issue and Devil Wears Prada. That’s all.

Name: Lowell Tautchin
Place of Origin: Edmont, Alberta, Canada

Mode Models
Soul Management(NY)
Major Models(Paris)
I LOVE(Milan)


He was picked up late in the game, so just wait till next season.


Arena Hommes