"I smell a MASSACRE"

It’s not just black. It’s a symbolic black. It’s a black signaling death. Yep death. As in ashes to ashes, dust to dust. We’re reading the final rights to things such as procrastination, inconsistency, and stagnation. This outfit is signaling the putting away of things like loss of focus, inadequacy, and mediocrity. Deep? Maybe, but I’ve gotten to the point where I crave success. It’s the only thing I want, the only thing that I need and so it’s going to happen. I figured why not show everyone else that there were going to be changes around these parts as well? By the way… those are also my new glasses 🙂

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At some point you have one of those moments. You know, the kind of moments where it’s a little click in your head. I’m not talking about any “allelujah” moments, or moments where Jesus comes and sits on your bedside… I’m not even talking about one of those, “I saw my future and my potential moments.” The moment I’m talking about is just a silent voice, or maybe just a soft click. The click sets something off in you and you realize that your lungs are finally beginning to fill up with water. You realize that it’s time to put the kids to bed, and the only way for you to get the water out of your lungs is for you to sniff the pleaseant… oh so sweet fragrance of success.

The moment for me came within the last week. I’m not sure exactly when though. It may have been while reading Outliers[1] by Malcolm Gladwell. Or maybe it was while I was with my family eating at Miyabi’s[2], everyone knowing that I was that kid: The one who sat straight backed, and did not move without a thought out path. The one that you glanced at once you made a faux pas in your table etiquette to make sure he didn’t catch it… Who knows it may have been as I was searching for my lost wallet, or thinking about how I was going to replace it and pay my truck payment as well as get my locks groomed and my car tuned up… all while blogging and looking for “gainful employment”. No no no… it probably was while watching the old film, Signe Chanel[3] on YouTube. Yeah, Signe Chanel… that was probably it. Whenever it was… all that matters is that it came.
Has yours?

[1]Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell-Interesting book that studies success. More specifically it studies stories in which it seems as if someone came from “nothing” and became something. It shows very consistant variables in these instances that indicate that it wasn’t by happenstance nor was it the individual alone, but was a combination of many things working in concert. I haven’t finished it yet.
[2]Miyabi’s- Japanese Hibachi Grill. We waited 45 minutes and then got in. We went for the early bird special which is from 5-6 on Monday-Friday and 4-5 on Saturday-Sunday. My family has strong suspicions that our chef was drunk but other than that service was excellent. Well except for seating… it was a 45 minute wait and it would have been longer if my mother hadn’t gone up there. It seems that they were about to accidentally cross our name off of the list as if we were already seated.
[3]Signe Chanel-Documentary that follows Karl Lagerfeld and Chanel as they create a couture collection and put on the show. Shows Karl’s creative process and just how much work goes into couture garments. It also shows how little Karl and someone of his stature does in a line.