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REVIEW: "The Infiltration" by Keys

Cover Art for Keys mixtape, The Infiltration
So, there hasn’t been much posting going on but hopefully things have been put in place that will compensate for that. Anyway, while at first I was waiting for some questions to be answered by Keys, the artist of YouTube fame who has just recently dropped her debut mixtape, I’ve decided to go ahead and do my formal review of The Infiltration. And really in truly, after listening to the mixtape as many times as I have(I’ve even gone so far as to burn it onto a CD so I can listen in the truck) one can clearly see that “Keys is here, The Infiltration has begun Michelle… The Infiltration has begun…”


See our review below the clip

A mixtape of 17 tracks without any collaborations, besides the addition of the audio of three different YouTube videos, The Infiltration serves sort of like an announcement to the industry. With tracks like Four, I Am, and Radio, Keys makes it clear what she’s coming into the industry to do. Citing predecessors like KRS-One and Lauryn Hill Keys stays true to statements she’s made about going back to what she lauds as “real hip hop.” She even goes so far to tiptoe around the fact that her music won’t be for everyone; that it has a depth, and requires an intellect that those into the frivolous raps like “Bottle of Chris on that, Gucci this, Louis purse,” won’t be able to get into her rhymes but she’s not into the industry for them.
She also basically sends out a proclamation in tracks like Aint Over, Hit Em, Butterflies and Bellies, as well as Ether that some of the people in the industry will need to be ousted. Tracks like this make up the meat of the mixtape and hold within a confrontational tone. The difference is that it’s not because of their success but instead because they have “set us back.” She begins to reveal their faults in an attempt to cleanse the industry. For anything to get better there has to be a cleansing in of the old before bringing in the new.
Other tracks like Sponsor also hold life lessons and show that Keys is really and truthfully does have morals and that it’s not a front. In the song she shows how at first she was looking for a “sponsor” and after a while she sees that it’s not all that it’s cracked up to be. She finds that her intelligence is detrimental in this situation and finally she finds that she should just sponsor herself and find the right man for herself.
All in all, the mixtape has a wonderful storyline and a very direct message. My only detraction is that I would have hoped that there would be little to no mention of Nicki Minaj(the actual Nicki Diss didn’t make the mixtape). I felt that there were a little to many allusions to her but other than that I really feel like it was a good project. While at the offset it was for purchase, you can now download the mixtape from here.

MUSIC: Shanell "Shut Up N Listen"

You may know her from Prom queen or as D Woods’ little sister, but however you know her, know that Shanell is an artist in her own right. The resident singer over at Young Money, Shanell has released her album after much anticipation by her fans. Showing her versatality with an eclectic mix of song types and by tapping a variety of producers, she shows that she really and truly can stand along. I’m eager to work my way through the mixtape again for a more inclusive review but until then check the mixtape out yourself.