SPRING 2011: Milan Day 1

Tom Nicon(1988-2010) by Serge Leblon for 10 Men

So, I love to blog and I love covering the shows. But I find myself always picking and choosing shows to blog about I simply dont have time to blog about them all by myself, especially not when I’m traveling, and interning at a few places. So, I think I’m going to do it by day and try to use this new online editing thing. Anyway, we open Milan Menswear Fashion Week 2011 with the sad news that Tom Nicon has died :(. There has been a string of model deaths in the past few eyars and it is sad to add another name to the list. Tom was found outside of his hotel room this morning after doing a Givenchy fitting. It’s a sad way to begin our coverage but we must stay real with what’s happening today

See our coverage of Missoni, Trussardi 1911, and Versace below
Missoni returns with the tried and true Missoni aesthetic to open our posts for Milan Menswear. Milan FREQUENTLY gets bypassed by people, and at times I’ve even heard it called “Mil-Yawn-O.” Whereas, I’m sometimes underwhelmed by Milan I love to watch brands like Missoni reinterpret the classic style. Whereas it is no London or Paris, Milan is a style all it’s own. I always love to see the new fabrics that Missoni uses and the excessive layering. Not afraid to mix patterns, Missoni frequently sends down cardigans on top of vests, underneath jackets. Another thing that I noted was the length of the shorts. Although they haven’t dropped completely below the knee they are decidedly longer and looser than what came down the runways last year and shorts like those that Dirk Bikkemberg showed on their live showing of their new collection of “sport couturia“. See the entire Missoni Spring 2011 collection for yourself here.

So, Trussardi 1911 showed today as well. 50 pairs of naked ankles walked down the runway. Yes that’s right, every pant had either a shortened leg, or the pants leg was rolled up. On the whole, the collection was very Milan fashion, alot of pieces that only used different materials, not so much different cuts. Of course there were matching bags for the Trussardi set. Huge matching bags, which I prefer GREATLY to the “murse” or worse yet the “mutch.” All in all I sort of liked the Trussardi collection. Whereas Missoni showed more of an elephant trunk leg, Truassardi 1911’s was more tapered. Plus, that first top… looks like a cardigan I nabbed a few months back! See the entire Trusardi 1911 collection here.

Ohhhh Donatella Donatella. That’s all I could manage as I flipped through the Versace Spring 2011 collection.The ankles were not unique to Trussardi 1911. The models walked down sans socks, plus gold and silver necklaces. To me there was just something so off about the collection. I mean maybe it’s the color palette, or maybe it’s the fact that it seems like Versace has bought into this cowboy theme that was in a few pieces of the Dirk Bikkemberg show… a style that I currently ABHOR! I’m not quite sure what it is but I have a distinct feeling that Donatella may be losing touch, atleast for menswear atleast. I normally have a love for the line’s womenswear though. Judge the collection for yourself here.

And with that, I am done with my summery post for Day 1, Milan Menswear. I may be doing a special post on the Dolce show, but it’s 96 looks strong I believe. Anyway, I leave you with the Bikkemberg video since I’ve talked about the show so much.


Fashion Show Summer 2011 from Nicolas Mottet on Vimeo.