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In Honor of…

Daphne Guiness entering Alexander McQueen’s Memorial Service

To not pause and reflect on the greatness that Alexander McQueen created, the industries that he transformed, and the beauty that he made.. would be a shame. Alexander McQueen to me is the quintessential designer. Looking back over my posts, my first post that delved into a collection was of McQueen’s 2008 Fall RTW collection. Sarah Jessica Parker, Daphne Guiness, Naomi Campbell, Anna Wintour, and a slew of other big time names came to pay their respects at the memorial held for Lee in London, but to me it doesn’t matter. When I found out that he had passed, it didn’t matter to me what everyone else was doing, I mourned my loss. And now, again, I will pause and reflect on what McQueen has done, who he has inspired, and who his work shall continue to inspire.


Memories: After School Special Fashion Show

So… I’m in my Google Reader glancing around and I see this picture that instantly reminds me of After School Special, the fashion show I put on at school.

For the show, I went to GAP and got clothes from there to put on the models. One of the models, my friend, Jonathan Kittrell, did not show up for the fitting, but I had his sizes so I put something together for him anyway. CHRIS AUSTAD here, photographed by ARNALDO ANAYA-LUCCA for GERMAN GQ is wearing a hoodie very similar to one I layered for Jonathan.

I put the hoodie on Jonny because of the fact that I was absolutely in love with it! I loved the material and the fact that it was a hoodie!!! As a matter of fact there were a couple of hoodies on the guys in the show. No, none of them were open like this though, because well, it was a high school show, and only about 3 of them would have even been able to pull the look off. Anyway, Jonny, and all the other models did exceptionally well, and I guess that you can say that was my first experience in the fashion industry. I worked along side stores in my area to put on an event that in my opnion went relatively well, all things considered.