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Runaway Runway 2011 After Party

So after Runaway Runway everyone was invited to go across the street to the after party for wine and hors d’oeuvres. Seeing as my work was done at the event, I did get to scoot right on over and it was a really nice time. I can’t for the life of me remember the name of the venue but I’ve passed it countless times. It was a great night to be outside and with intimate lighting, and a jazz band, the atmosphere complimented that of the main of event nicely.
Since I did happen to still have my friend’s camera i shot around a bit, finding that I have an attraction to shots with no faces. In the future I may try to leave the photography to photographers but a fun time was had by all.

See more images from the After Party.


Runaway Runway 2011

The hat from the Mad Hatter look designed by Miles Purvis at Runaway Runway 2011

This past Friday the Columbia Design League put on Runaway Runway 2011 in the Township Auditorium here in Columbia, South Carolina. The event is the biggest fashion event in Columbia and has only recently moved to the Township after outgrowing 701 Whaley Street.
Punctuated by acts that were just as varied as the creations that served as the centerpiece of the production, the night was most certainly a barrel of entertainment. Even from my volunteer position working the Fashion Club section of the seating arrangement, it was clear that some of the acts, like the one involving local drag queens Patti O’Furniture, Lady La Poodle, Paris Lefaris, and Carla Cox, hit their marks. Even the emcees, Betsy Newman, who wore a dress designed by 2010 Runaway Runway winner Bohulmina Augustinova(commissioned by the 2011 presenting sponsor Palmetto Clean Energy), and Larry Hembree kept spirits high with a few jokes of their own.

The Mad Hatter dress from Runaway Runway 2011

While the competition was stiff, with designers like Molly McNutt of the famed 2010 “Gaga-Monster” Dress returning, there were definite standouts. The panel of judges which included the 2010-2011 President of Fashion Board USC, Marquis Bias, as well as partner at grass roots event organizing firm Flock and Rally, Tracie Broom, and Frame of Mind owner, Mark Plessinger, narrowed the decision down to three looks for the audience to vote on by text the night of the show.
Being the wholehearted supporter I am, I threw my support behind the “Mad Hatter” look designed by Miles Purvis, which came complete with a hat, cane, dress, as well as white wig with neon lights strewn throughout. A few texts, tweets, and short conversations later, I felt I’d done my duty in garnering as much support as I could. Though the Alexander McQueen-esque look was just as beautiful(though it wasn’t a finalist), as was the gorgeous Diet Pepsi evening gown designed by Kyle Taylor Kirchman, there was something about the dedication of the “Mad Hatter” look, which featured the model in gold glistening body paint, that spoke to me. So of course I was ecstatic when the look won.

After the event was the afterparty(where these images were actually taken because I had to work during the show) which was right across the road. It was a very nice, understated affair in comparison to the event and so people really got a chance to see some of the garments up close. The entire experience was amazing and I’m sure the Design League is proud of their first run at the Township. The new location gives the event a chance to grow to proportions it would not have been able to reach in 701 and I can’t wait for the future.

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USC Fashion Week Show

Models backstage in Laura McCall’s pieces
photo by Keri Goff/The Daily Gamecock

Hey guys I’m so sorry it took me soo long to get this video and coverage up but things have been hectic. Last Thursday was USC Fashion Week’s show. Fashion Board put on the show which is held annually in 701 Whaley. There were 8 retailers from Columbia including Britton’s, LaRoque, Coplon’s, Just The Thing, M Boutique, VanJean, DeLibel, and Bohemian. The featured student designer was Laura McCall(see the Tumblr for our review).

There were alot of people from the local fashion set like Jai Marshall of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion, Anne Postic of The Shop Tart, Cori Hanky of Garnet and Black, Dwaun Sellers of The Shopping Savage, Tracie Broom of Flock and Rally, Keisha Moore of UK Models, Alana Britt of Alana B Couture, as well as those involved in Fashion Board like Marquis Bias and Ashleigh Armstrong.


Photos by Keri Goff/The Daily Gamecock

Other Retailers

Photos by Clarence Jackson

Marquis Bias Interview and USC Fashion Week

Marquis Bias speaking with ABC at the USC Fashion Week Show
photo by Keri Goff for The Daily Gamecock
“Put both of them on,” Marquis Bias instructed handing the model two gold braided belts. She wrapped them around her waist and turned around for Marquis’s approval. He nodded, scanning the clothes carefully placed on the walls of DeLibel Boutique, “There’s alot of pieces here to choose from but it has to go with my story,” he said.

The story was told last night at 701 Whaley as the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina put on their annual fashion show as apart of their fashion week. This year featured one student designer named Laura McCall, as well as 8 local boutiques, and was Marquis’s 3rd year putting on the event, his second as President. “I guess in a way it is [my grand finale].” He says looking down at his armful of bracelets, and idly playing with one of his most prized, an Alexis Bittar given to him by roommate and Fashion Board Vice President of Social Outreach, Ashleigh Armstrong.

A few days before the show, which boasted an audience of about 350 people, I sat in on one of Marquis’s many fittings and chatted with him about his life in fashion as well as the industry in general.

“I wanna be [Andre Leon Talley] when I grow up, I really want to be him when I grow up, he has so much power in the industry,” Marquis confided in me. Though he named names like June Ambrose, Nicola Formichetti, and Rachel Zoe when asked about inspirational people in the industry it was Talley who stuck out to him. Not only does the striking similarity in life stories impact Marquis(both were raised in small traditional southern towns where they were introduced to glamour, beauty, and fashion by their grandmothers) but also Talley’s way of doing things. He explained how Talley has a penchant for taking new industry personel under his wing. “Especially for the black girls in the industry: when they come in the industry with a bad hair weave he takes them under his wing, introduces them to Valentino , and goes and get their hair done.”

Having worked for Gregory Ellenburg of Gregory Ellenburg, Anne Postic of The Shop Tart, and Annabelle LaRoque of LaRoque, Marquis knows a bit about what it takes to be a success in the industry. “One of the key things to being a successful stylist is relationships,” says Marquis rotating Rocko, a green jeweled lizard ring, on his finger. Relationships with designers, models, photographers, and even other stylists all can benefit a working stylist. One of Marquis’s most cherished relationships is the one he has with industry stylist, Becca Alexis, who is a huge mentor of his.”I know she’s like crazy busy and yet she always makes time to respond to my messages and stuff.” said Marquis of the stylist who’s worked with Janet Jackson, Kanye West, and Trey Songz.
Marquis mainly stood alone as he hosted the fashion show last night. In a pair of sequined trousers and with an armful of new pieces, he thanked retailers and designers for allowing a “little boy from Timmonsville” to use their resources for year after year to put on what has become one of the largest annual fashion shows in Columbia. The show is Marquis’s last as apart of Fashion Board but we’re sure to see his Louis Vuitton monogrammed hold-all flitting around Columbia for at least a little longer as he continues on in his pursuit to “beautify the world one sequin at a time.”

Summer’s Day: Editorial Exclusive

photo Keri Goff
styling Mikelle Street
model Lauren Malstrom

It has to fit within my story,Marquis Bias, the president of Fashion Board, says idly playing with his Alexis Bittar bracelet while scanning the options at DeLibel Boutique. A model stands off to the side in a white knit dress, waiting as he selects her second look. She is the second to the last model of Marquis’s day of fittings.

Today marks the beginning of USC Fashion Week. Put on by the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina, USC Fashion Week is about education, social outreach, as well as fashion. The week will culminate in a fashion show featuring local retailers like DeLibel Boutique, Coplon’s, LaRoque, VanJean, Just The Thing, M Boutique, Britton’s, and Bohemian, as well as student designer, Laura McCall.

Today, the fashion week kick off will be held on the Russell House Patio from 11-2. There will be music as well as merchandise like t-shirts, koozies, sunglasses, and pens, available to be purchased. Marquis himself as well as other fashion board members will be there.
On Wednesday, the board will put on a Bake Sale to be held on Greene Street and in front of the BA Building that will benefit SisterCare. That night at 7PM in the Public Health Building, Jess James of Style Swap will be speaking.

Thursday is the finale with a 72 look fashion show held at 701 Whaley at 7:00PM.
The night of the show will be Marquis’s last night as two year President of Fashion Board. “I guess in a way it is [my grand finale]” He says staring off. A local stylist, Marquis continually keeps projects, big and small in the works and will now be able to focus more on those since he shall be turning the reigns over to current Fashion Board secretary, Melissa Karl. “I’m very excited,” Marquis says in regards to the new E-Board. “I think that we have a great new team, and it puts my mind at ease knowing that I’m leaving and the organization will be in good hands.” In reference to Melissa specifically Marquis states, “I’m particularly pleased with my successor because I know that she shares the same vision I have and have had for the organization.”

The shoot presented in this post was a shot conceptualized by me in order to promote local fashion businesses during the week of USC Fashion Week. Since the week is the closest that Columbia has to a Columbia Fashion Week, I thought that it would be the best time to do a Spring shoot highlighting the trends that we saw internationally by utilizing the garments we see locally.

I must of course say thanks to all involved. Keri Goff took the images and Lauren Malstrom modeled for us. Both of them attend USC. While the only local designer featured was Annabelle LaRoque, who is most certainly a favorite of mine, all the pieces do come from local boutiques. Thanks go out to VanJean, Revente, Sid&Nancy, Just The Thing, Handpicked, and Frame of Mind, as they all allowed me to pull pieces for the shoot.

A Day at the Races with Marquis Bias

Early this Saturday morning, just a short while after the sun rose, I found myself rising from my bed to prepare for my trip to Camden for my first experience with the tried and true southern experience know as Carolina Cup.
I had never heard of Carolina Cup prior to my years at the University of South Carolina, but once I began my time there I quickly ascertained that it was a pretty big deal among the good ole’ boys and southern belles.
For those of you who don’t know, Carolina Cup is a horse race, and Camden, South Carolina, where the event is held, is a world-renowned epicenter of thoroughbred horse training.
Every year, followers of this tradition adorn themselves in every bit of pastel patchwork fabric, seersucker, or quirky spring apropos print that they can find and make their way to Springdale Race Course.
Of course, any true southerner would know that you don’t go anywhere half steppin’, and a trip to Springdale is no different. Although at most sporting events an old tee shirt and sneakers will do, you would look pretty foolish rolling up at Cup dressed that way.
For gentlemen, a shirt and tie is considered most appropriate, paired with a complimenting trouser or pair of shorts. Most men will choose to trust such well-known brands as Southern Tide or Vinyard Vines with their wardrobe. (Although I found the event to be pleasant, it was a bit too town and country for me. Being the fashion rebel that I am, I chose to shroud myself in black, instead of bright poppy spring color. Instead of Southern Tide, I went to the houses of H&M, Zara, and Topman for my ensemble.)

For ladies, the answer is simple: if your dress wasn’t custom made by Annabelle LaRoque, then it better have been acquired from Lilly Pulitzer. Of course you can’t forget the key element—the hat.
I found this little moment at a vendor from Virginia who set up shop to sell her wares to perhaps some young lady who came unprepared.

As I wandered about, I discovered booths by Sperry and Lilly Pulitzer herself. The Lilly table was even giving away freebies, including custom Lilly Pulitzer edition animal crackers! Of course I had to indulge!

As tasty as they were, the cookies were not enough so after I returned to Columbia, I stopped by The Gourmet Shop for a smoked salmon bagel. Delicious!

Marquis Bias is an expert in fashion and style based in Columbia, South Carolina. He is well known throughout South Carolina for his work as a fashion stylist and creative director as well as his position as the President of the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina.

Follow Marquis on Twitter and lookout for USC’s Fashion Week.
USC Fashion Board is on Twitter as well.

DeLibel Aniversary/Fall Fashion Preview

Event: DeLibel Boutique Anniversary/Fall Fashion Preview
Location: DeLibel Boutique
Photographer: Mikelle Street

About two weeks ago I was invited to attend the DeLibel Boutique Anniversary and Fall Fashion Preview. I actually found out about DeLibel one day when walking through the Vista, looking for places to pull for my second photoshoot this summer. I walked in and spoke with Susan Hoke, the owner, and we immediately hit it off. I’m always a big talker and whenever I find myself with her I seem to go on and on, and she nods along and says things that make me lapse into hours of conversation. Needless to say I used her pieces in the shoot which I think turned out really well and we promised to stay in touch.

The boutique has what I can only describe as an eclectic collection of pieces. I found myself immediately drawn to the cocktail style dresses as well as the accessories while I was there my first time and at the Fall Fashion Preview, while sampling the delicious hors d’oeuvres, I found myself drawn again to the accessories but also some of the new pieces they’d just got in for fall. I found myself gravitating towards a very specific cardigan that Marquis Bias was wearing(as well as another attendee who liked it so much she bought it to go) which I could dress either up or down. I really don’t think you can go wrong with a good cardigan, and especially one this luxe.

DeLibel Boutique
Monday-Saturday 10:00 am – 7:00 pm
Sunday 11:00 am – 5:00 pm

1215 Lincoln Street
Columbia SC 29201


Thanks again to Susan Hoke and the rest of the DeLibel staff for a wonderful event.

See more images of the event and attendees(including Marquis Bias and Jai Marshall) in the galleries.

Models: Kimberly Dawn, Kayla Blake, Danielle Wilson, Laura Fielden, Megan Pickney, Lauren Malstrom.
Photographer: Mikelle Street
Location: DeLibel Boutique
Camera Provided by Candace Whitaker

SPRING: LaRoque 2011

Models: Sadye Clinton
Photographer: Travis Teate
Label: LaRoque
Season: Spring/Summer 2011

When it comes to local fashion, to be entirely honest there’s not much going on. Sure, there are some start ups that I want to see develop but Columbia fashion is not where it could theoretically be, nor where I feel it should be. This of course, is a horrible way to start off a post but I’m a blogger, so I have to be honest right? The thing is, the LaRoque label to me is

a shining beacon of hope for… oh, I don’t know… let’s say a young boy growing up in Rhode Island with six brothers pretending to go to soccer practice when he was really going to sewing class and reading Runway under the covers at night with a flashlight.

Stanley Tucci in Devil Wears Prada

Thus it would be insane for me to not post the Spring/Summer 2011 collection.

News 19 Interview
Designer: Annabelle Laroque
Label: LaRoque

Southern, Sophisticated, and Modern, that’s how I would describe the Spring/Summer 2011 collection of LaRoque. With her latest offerings, Annabelle LaRoque takes a label that has been deeply rooted in tradition, very much regarded as a “pretty aesthetic” (in the most beautiful of ways of course) and pushed her child a few steps forward. Styled by Marquis Bias, the collection combines the LaRoque staple of skirts and dresses with a new option: shorts. Adorned with a bow here, and a golden button there, the shorts blend seamlessly into the already strong label’s repertoire.

Of course, we all know that the right color palette is vital to me and with a frothy pink to begin and an injection of tangarine, teal-aqua, and finally black on a shape that is effortlessly cute, my taste is satiated. It’s a collection that should be on hand for any southern girl(even if only at heart) and beginning Spring/Summer 2011, that should prove alot easier as LaRoque will be in 17 different boutiques. Lensed by Travis Teate, LaRoque‘s latest collection leaves me with a feeling of hope for the Columbia industry and only thirst for what she will bring us for next season.

See the rest of the lookbook in the galleries.
Follow LaRoque on Twitter.Visit the LaRoque website.
Models: Sadye Clinton and Sandra West
Photographer: Travis Teate
Stylist: Marquis Bias
Designer: Annabelle LaRoque
Hair & Make-Up: Anna Welén

Dries Van Noten is Inspirational

Collection: Dries Van Noten
Season: Spring/Summer 2011 (Paris)
To quote Candy Pratts Price, “September is the January of fashion” and I find myself sitting here on the last day of the month finally experiencing that moment of transcendence that I await every fashion season. At this point I have trudged through the fashion weeks of New York, London, and Milan found, much to my disappointment, that the collections were quite clinical to put it politely. Of course there were a few exceptions—Marc Jacobs, Marchesa, and Carolina Herrera in NY, Burburry in London, and Gucci in Milan, but as a whole I found myself desperately underwhelmed. I was on the verge of giving up this season, finding that I could barely even bring myself to look at another runway review, and then it happened: I stumbled upon Dries Van Noten. Finally I had found what I was looking for so fervently—inspiration. Simplicity, elegance, and glamour all rolled into one. I found in this collection the same aesthetic that was perpetuated by my biggest fashion influence Mademoiselle Coco Chanel, a simplistic femininity peppered with elements of men’s tailoring. The end result is a confident, sexy, elegant lady who knows what she wants and takes it for herself. In other words the Coco Chanel of today.

For this collection Dries was inspired by the paintings of Belgian artist Jef Verheyen. The designer found himself captivated by the artist’s ability to capture light in his work and therefore set out to accomplish the same feat in his Spring/Summer Womenswear collection. The collection was a masterful display of beautifully feminine blouses covered in iridescent paillettes nestled beneath dramatically oversized menswear inspired blazers. Ornate patterns taken from Chinese ceramics were applied to sumptuous white silks and then bleached away to create an enchanting ombre effect. One of my favorite moments from the collection came the form of look 49—a black oversized blazer over a pewter blouse, covered in paillettes that tied at the neck. Placed underneath was a simple white skirt that appeared to be nothing more or less than the bottom end of a men’s dress shirt as it appears when left un-tucked. The look summed up what I feel is the essence of the entire collection and I later learned that this was one of the designers favorite looks as well.
The accessories of the collection anchored the soft elegance of the silks and paillettes. The shoes were done in soft suede in muted tones with chunky heels. The glasses and handbags were sleek and modern as well were the jewelry pieces. All of these elements come together with the clothes like the sections of an orchestra to produce the sartorial symphony that was the Dries Van Noten womenswear collection for spring/summer 2011.

See the collection in it’s entirety on Style.


Marquis Bias is an expert in fashion and style based in Columbia, South Carolina. He is well known throughout South Carolina for his work as a fashion stylist and creative director as well as his position as the President of the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina.

Follow him on Twitter.


SO… this is the actual first time I have tried to input pictures with a post from my phone so… I’m not sure how they’ll come out. Anywho the last few days have been full of meetings and experiences that I wanted to run through.

First I met with a local publication. The meeting took place out at the Village in Sandhills which is an uber cute spot. I love it and actually the first time i was there I wanted to get clearance to shut down one of the roads and put on a fashion show there…. Then again I want to put on a fashion show everywhere don’t I? Anywho meeting was great and got my creative juices pumping. Sadly for you that’s all I’m going to say about that.

A few days after that, I met with Keiko Limehouse from Mina/Mas boutique. We sat down at her boutique and I proceeded to engage her in an extended interview/conversation with her about her boutique, it’s future and why she does things the way she does them. The interview should turn up shortly but I’m currently transcribing it so I’ll have all the relevant details. Until it goes to print though, why don’t you head down to the boutique yourself and check it out. It’s located at 1624 Broad River Rd Columbia, SC 29210. Make sure to tell Keiko, Tara or Kayla(interns) I said hi. You can call to make sure they’ll be in at [803]772-7770.

Not too long after that interview I headed down to The Vista to stop at a little cute place called Nonnah’s for an interview with the Duke and Duchess. Nonna’s was so cute, artsy and low key that I immediately loved it. Besides the weird incessant glances I got from the well dressed gentleman sitting front and center, the experience was LOVELY! They even have a twitter account[@nonnahs_vista]. Anywho I’d sadly just stuffed myself with pizza so I did not partake in the yummy deserts that were on the menu but instead sipped my water in the gallery. We spoke for a little while before deciding that Starbucks would be more suitable for recording, so the Duchess got her cake to go.

We hopped over to Starbucks and we officially began the interview. Looking back over it even in speech you could tell the difference between the duo. The Duke’s diction was colorful, it created a mood a story, it was beauty illustrating a story of beauty. The Duchess on the other hand was very succinct, very to the point, getting at what she wanted to say and then readdressing the points maybe once to make sure I had them. BOTH were effective ways of communicating stories that I feel need to be told. HOPEFULLY… you’ll be reading said stories soon.

Well there was undoubtedly more to tell about but alas my self imposed bedtime… I must work in the morning… Don’t even ask.