PRE-FALL 2010: Marni

Until this season, i’d never heard of Marni. Consuelo Sastiglioni wasn’t a name that I was familiar with either. So of course, this post is just as much information to me as it may be to you. By know means does this mean the label is a new one, apparently they’ve been around at least for the last decade, but they are based in Marni(thanks to a correction from our readers), so that may account for the ignorance on my part.
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Looking at the collection for Pre-Fall 2010 I get strong senses of glamour, utility and layering. There are also strong retro and militaristic themes that I love, and don’t recall being put together often… successfully at least. The line as a whole, got my seal of approval, as well as almost every individual piece. I mean, who doesn’t want a pair of shearling mitts? Ohkay ohkay, don’t answer that.

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