Ross Tanner, 27, Model/Carpenter/Musician & Alice Dellal, 22, Model/Managing Partner of Dominic Jones Jewelry
“[We met] one evening at the house of a tattoo artist. I was getting something small behind my left ear, and Alice’s friend happened to be getting a tattoo, too.”-Ross Tanner

The March Issue of Interview Brings us this lovely dark editorial called Union Pack. Composed of various inseparable yet phenomenal emerging duos wearing this season’s best of British designs, the pictures and mood stroked my fancy just fine.

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Jethro Cave, 18, Model/Musician & Sophie Willing, 21, Model/Actress
“I first met Jethro about a year ago at a fashion show after-party in Australia. Then we met in London through friends at the cat & mutton pub and we’ve been together since! Falling in love with Jethro has been wild fun. he’s a very talented man.”-Sophie Willing

Alex Poots, 24, Model/Student & Imogen Poots, 20, Actress
“She’s everything I’m not, and is therefore essential to the way I construct myself.”-Alex Poots

Anna Korzun, 21, Model & Richard Frenneaux, 25, Singer/Producer
“[We met] four years ago-on Myspace of all places! Within weeks of meeting each other in person, we moved to London to be together.”– Anna Korzun