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Male Couture Pose

There was a post on The Fashionisto about The Infamous Couture Pose and it’s workability with males. Well I commented, and since the photos below had been taking I’d been searching for them. In one of my Google Reader tangents that I went off on, I found myself on the site Project Rungay for the first time, which is a blog about all of the reality fashion shows out there, and found that they had the PICTURES I’D BEEN SEARCHING FOR!That happens alot though, things just appearing after you’ve given up all hope. Any way below are both Jonathan and Sandhurst giving us couture!JonathanSandhurstWhat do you think about their pose?Oh, and here is the picture of Niklas that came from The Fashionisto.


Sucker for Jackets

I am, I am, I know but you have to admit that this collection is FIYA!!! Mens’ Rag brought us the Xampagne A/W 09 “BOYS” Collection and I was oh so pleasantly surprised. This particular jacket I love probably because of the way it’s situated right now. I love the fact that the bottom is pulled up and away, giving the jacket volume, and a different shape. Furthermore I’ve always love double breasted trench coats, and innovative collars. I think that’s a hood back there, oh and the sleeves, are just an added plus!Okay Okay, get off my jock, I know it’s a hoodie, but it’s an amazing hoodie is it not? I’m all for layering and I do love plaid so maybe that’s why I fell in love with this picture. The buttons pop out, and the tailoring of the jacket, to my untrained eye looks impeccable. I love this!This jacket makes me positively salivate. Always an advocate for Dapper style, I love the curved button line. The hanki is an added touch I adore, so are the tie and hat. If only I could own that jacket… that’s probably why I like the look hahaha.Now, it’s another double breast, with large lapels. The fabric of the jacket excites me as much as the jacket itself. The popper of course is the jeans, and I think the model’s pose really set it off for me…

Red, is one of the colors I’m calling for Fall, but we’ll get back to that later…

Well that’s all that I’m going to say about the collection but of course you can go check it out in the original post I saw, on Mens’ Rag. Or you can check out the Xampagne page.