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MODEL: Lowell Tautchin Fall 2011

In the span of a season our little Lowell Tautchin has exploded onto the fashion scene. While for the Spring 2011 show season Tautchin booked only 2 shows in one city, for the Fall 2011 season he landed 12, touching down in all of the fashion capitals. Though I have yet to find new editorials since the last update, if casting agents continue booking Lowell as they have for show season we’re sure to see him turn up for some work with a European luxury brand or two. He did manage to bag a job for Thomas Engel Hart last season so we only wish him the best! Lowell now has representation in Milan(I Love) as well as his agents at Mode and Soul.
Lowell answers a few questions for us under the clip.

MoaGB: This is the first season you’ve walked outside of New York, how was the experience?
Lowell Tautchin: The entire European season was phenomenal. I enjoyed the unfamiliarity of my first full season and the traveling aspects that come with it. Making friends, seeing new places, and finding new perspectives are the clichés, but they’re truly the best part of working abroad.

MoaGB: Are there any stark difference between the cities you visited(Paris, Milan, New York, London)?
Lowell Tautchin: Paris and New York are complete opposites and yet easily my favorites. Paris is a place where, outside of castings and shows, you have time to explore and take advantage of the laissez-faire culture; grab a coffee, check out some architecture and put your feet up in a cafe terrace.
New York City feels a little more familiar. It has the same urgency, and down to earth people as back home, just with warmer weather and tons of skyscrapers.

MoaGB: Was there any show in particular that was your favorite?
Lowell Tautchin: Prada was one of the best for me. It was a nice staple for the start of the season. The deciding factor was having a group of really good friends doing the same show.

MoaGB: What’s the main difference between shows and presentations and which do you prefer?
Lowell Tautchin: Shows hands-down are my favorite. Presentations don’t give you the all or nothing feeling.

Jil Sander Fall 2011

Thom Browne Fall 2011

Billy Reid Fall 2011


New Male Model Faces Fall 2011

Jack Vanderhart, Jack Manhood, Tomas Guarracino, Tim Meiresone

During the fashion weeks, I took a break from Model Mondays. As a matter of fact I took a break from learning new models period. I refused to frequent the forums, and I was content in staying with the little list that I had built up of names, and not expand. Well now that fashion week is over, I couldn’t deny myself. I had to go back and find a few models to make up for lost times and these are my new male model faces for the Fall 2011 season… well to start us off at least.

Jack Vanderhart– Jack Vanderhart was one of the chosen boys for the show season. When I heard through the grapevine that a new boy had wrangled a Calvin Klein exclusive, and he was based out of Australia with a scar on his cheek, I could only shake the grapevine to see what would fall out. Out fell 16 year old Vanderhart who’s been shot for a Hot Boys & Cute Dogs Calendar, GQ, and Vogue Austalia. There’s just something about that scar on that perfect cheekbone that screams shoot me, and I forsee a strong editorial season for Jack. Jack is represented by VNY(New York) and EMG(Australia)
Fall 2011 Runway-Calvin Klein

Jack Manhood– To be entirely honest I laughed when I heard his name. I laughed while looking at the polaroid and accessing a face that seemed so now, so of the moment that my laugh trailed off. With no particularly stunning credits to his name, besides some work for Topman, Jack has a look that says relevant to me. Maybe a little cuckoo, and if I am then so be it but Mr. Manhood is going to have to be my wild card of the bunch.
Jack is represented in London(FM) and Paris(Success)
Fall 2011 Runway – Cassette Playa, Christopher Shannon

Tomas Guarracino– Mr. Guarracino almost got passed over when I was looking for new faces. The reason was I saw his face in so many top Milan shows I was positive that he had to have a bit of experience. The Calvin Klein Spring 2011 ad is what made me look him up and I found that, he was indeed a newbie but certainly one with a strong future ahead of him.

Tomas is with Bananas(Paris), Wilhelmina, Civilies(Argentina).
Fall 2011 Runway: Hermes, D&G, Ermenegildo Zegna, Gucci, Dolce & Gabbana, and Robert Geller(he also walked in Buenos Aires Fashion Week).


Tim Meiresone– The opener of the Prada show, Tim Meiresone has already bagged a coveted runway position. Now whether or not he’ll follow up with the needed editorial season to ensure that he’s one to watch and possibly bank on, we have yet to know. He has surely gotten off to a good start though in a Vogue Hommes Japan editorial. Meiresone already has representation in Paris(Nathalie), Milan(Independent), Copenhagen(Scoop), and where his mother agency is located in Brussels(Dominique).
Fall 2011 runway: Prada, Costume National, Canali, Z Zegna, Louis Vuitton, Lanvin and Cerruti

MODEL: Silviu Tolu

We start the new year off with our first Model Monday, Silviu Tolu. A name that’s heavily connected with the recent Guess campaigns, and thus a 60’s like Elvis inspired style, Silviu has not seen a sudden outpouring of work due to one particular event like some models, but instead seems to be gaining steam slowly, booking job after job, which in the long run may be better. Represented by agency favorite Red Model Management(NY), Silviu most recently appeared on FIASCO Magazine’s most recent issue, The Black and White Issue. With a piercing gaze Tolu is most definitely one of my picks for ones to watch for this upcoming year.

Name: Silviu Tolu



FIXATE: Andrej Pejic

Model: Andrej Pejic
Season: Spring 2011(London)

Agency: Storm

Andrej Pejic‘s feminine features are nothing to scoff at. While he may have been the male model known as “that blonde girl” during the Spring 2011 shows, I’m pretty sure that the laughs stopped once he shot for Vogue Italia, Vogue Turkey, and Vogue Paris. I started this post sometime last week, knowing that it was time to bring a model I’ve been following since I noticed his straight platinum blonde hair on the Raf Simons runway. Little did I know, the day that I was set to post, word would come out that in addition to the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 campaign(which also stars Karolina Kurkova), Andrej had booked the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 campaign opposite Ginta Lapina. I’d say it’s been a pretty nice year so far for Andrej and I don’t think he’s quite done with this industry yet. Oh and did I mention he recently debuted on the MDC top 40 Male Model list?

Name: Andrej Pejic
DOB: 08/28/1991

New Madison(Paris)
Storm Models(London)
Chadwich Models(Melbourne)
I LOVE(Milan)

FIXATE: Stephen Thompson

Stephen Thompson is a model that is more than likely about to explode with name recognition. This morning at about 1 AM the above preview of the Givenchy Spring 2011 campaign appeared on WWD and of course was instantly posted to The Fashion Spot. It has been systematically blogged, reblogged, tweeted, and Tumbl‘d, by bloggers around the world. While Daphne Groeneveld may have been the topic of discussion for a while(because of her Vogue Paris cover with Tom Ford and opening for Calvin Klein) I think that it will be, albino model Stephen Thompson from Major NY that will have the bloggers pounding away this season.

Normally Model Mondays are pretty orderly, runway work here, campaigns there, with some editorial on the side. Well Stephen Thompson was only signed to Major Models in November(Jason from Soul is probably regretting not taking him at this moment) and really hasn’t done much since then. This translates into a thread on TFS that was only started this morning, and images with no credits. While I can say that Stephen used to be signed to Ugly Models in NY, this actually isn’t a joke, there was a spot on MSNBC about it, there’s really not much else to tell you guys. Because of this I’ve grabbed all the images I could find and I’m posting them for you to pore over. Continue to check back though because as time goes by I’ll be refining and organizing.

Givenchy Spring 2011


Lx Magazine(Lost Boys)
Dis Magazine(In a Pinch)

FIXATE: Linus Gustin

Show Card
Model: Linus Gustin
Agency: Ford Models Europe(NY)
Season: Spring/Summer 2011

As I wrapped up Bo‘s spotlight I began to feel just a tad guilty and very curious. To be a fashion blogger is a unique thing, and so when I mentioned Linus Gustin in passing I was assuming everyone knew who he was. As I read over the post I reconsidered my stance and decided that I should introduce you to the model who’s graced runways in Paris, Milan, Barcelona, and Sweden. The man is a certified runway beast, booking shows like Yves Saint Laurent, Z Zenga, and Prada continuously while bookending this year’s Victor & Rolf show(opening and closing). His campaign work is solid as well as his editorial work, which I feel is about to recieve a little spurt of growth. Known for his sharp cheekbones and cleft chin, Linus has a face that is not easily forgotten. Why don’t we take a closer look at it.

Name: Linus Gustin
Place of Origin: Sweden
TFS Thread

Ford Europe(Paris)


Some of you more informed readers may look at the following runway list and say, it’s unusually short to be recounting Linus’s runway work. Well I’ve only decided to spotlight shows in the major fashion weeks and then only certain shows from that. Hope you enjoy the selection.
Costume National SS11(O)
Prada SS11
Z Zegna SS11(Opened)
Pringle of Scotland SS11
Cerruti SS11
Francisco van Benthum SS11(Closed)
Lanvin SS11
Peter Petrov SS11
Raf Simons SS11
Songzio SS11
Viktor & Rolf SS11(Opened and Closed)
Yves Saint Laurent SS11
Kenzo FW10
Walter Van Beirendonck FW10
A few SS10 shows


Tiger of Sweden S/S 2011
MiharaYasuhiro F/W 2010
Lagom F/W 2010
Tiger of Sweden F/W 2010
NN07 Winter 2010(lookbook)
The Local Firm Spring 2010(lookbook)


Contributor Magazine (I’ll be your Mirror)
GQ Style Italia(Film Noir)
Numero Homme #20(Rapaces)
Cover Magazine (Belle du Jour)
Plaza Magazine(Industrialism)
L’Officiel Hommes Italia(cover)
Bon Magazine(Even Just for a Day)
Contributor Magazine
Vogue Italia(Garcons Terribles)

FIXATE: Bo Develius

Model: Bo Develius

I found Bo Develius through one editorial. From there I was on to the forums looking for more information about him. I, sadly didn’t find much but then recently, he has begun to pop back up and I think it’s about time for him to step into a long line of editorial and commercial work. Already represented by Nische and Major Paris, Bo has a nice platform. When I think Nische I think Linus Gustin and his extensive runway work. Hearing Major Paris… well you understand that aspect. While I’m not that familiar with FM, I do hope that he makes his way to New York to sign with Soul. I’m not sure whether or not he has what it takes to make it big in Milan… yet. I mean, the poor boy is only 16. While we await his future though, why don’t we get into a little of his past.

Name: Bo Develius
Place of Origin: Stockholm
Age: 16
TFS thread
MH thread

FM Models(London)


Lagom SS 2011(opened)


Commons & Sense Man(cover)
Cafe magazine
Velvet magazine
Stockholm Magazine
The Room Magazine(Owner of a Lonely Heart)
Contributor Magazine(Atmosphere)
Carbon Copy

FIXATE: Corey Baptiste

Agency: VNY(NY)
Season: Summer/Spring 2011

I’m not even sure why I decided to add Corey Baptiste into this weeks Model Monday. I mean it wasn’t as if I just had alot of extra time on my hands. On the contrary, I should be driving across town right now. It just so happens that I saw his face in a Giorgio Armani image, more than likely from backstage at the Spring/Summer 2011 shows and picked him out. I then began to mentally recount the campaigns he’s shot for and the runways that he’s walked noting that he is normally the soul face of color. The angles of his face and the smoothness of his skin(oh how I wish my skin were that tight and could bounce light back as his does) no doubt account for this. Plus, he is unusually thin, or atleast seems so. Anyway, all of this lead up to me ransacking the internet to post this spotlight… and now I must literally run away to get things done.

Name: Corey Baptiste
Place of Origin:

Wilson Management

Banana Republic FW 2010
Victor Glemaud FW 2010
3.1 Philip Lim FW 2010
Rag N Bone FW 2010
Richard Chai FW 2010
Mackage FW 2010
DKNY FW 2010
Gap Fall 2010
Lacoste SS 2011
Academy of Art SS 2011
3.1 Philip Lim SS 2011
Rag & Bone SS 2011
Banana Republic SS 2011
DKNY SS 2011(Presentation)
J Crew SS 2011
Calvin Klein SS 2011
Canali SS 2011
Mik Cire by Eric Kim SS 2011
G-Star Raw SS 2011
Michael Kors SS 2011
General Idea SS 2011

TNGT Fall 2010
DKNY Fall 2010
DKNY Fall 2010 (lookbook)
DKNY Jeans Fall 2010
United Colors of Benetton Fall 2010

Vogue Hommes Japan #5(Pop Boys)
Visual Tales(Garden Party)
T Magazine(Solid Citizens)
GQ Style Germany(Fall Fashion)
City Magazine(Fantasy Football)

FIXATE: River Viiperi

So I felt a little weird showing Lowell and calling it a day. I mean don’t get me wrong, I think Lowell is a great model with amazing potential, but I felt it was a tad too easy on myself. Oh and plus, I’m doubting that you’d hate another model. River Viiperi is a model I’ve followed for a little while now. I mean I remember him back from his Guapo shoot(Wild River) and I also remember him from the Smalto casting that I blogged about. So when I began to think of who else I could spotlight that would require me to do a little extra work, the son of a model, was one of the first to come to mind. It also sort of helps that as of this moment he’s the only model I know of that has walked an international exclusive… yeah that probably helps.

Name: River Viiperi

Place of Origin: Ibiza, Spain
DOB: Aug 03, 1991

2pm (Copenhagen)

Soul Artist(NY)
Nous (LA)
Viva (Berlin)
IMM (Brussells)
Past Agencies
Why Not(Milan)


American Eagle Holiday 2010
Bershka Winter 2010(lookbook)
Bershka FW 2010
American Eagle Fall 2010


So when someone has an extensive editorial list(which most of my fave models do) I always make a disclaimer that says that I’m not trying to make a comprehensive list. We all know that’s a lie, I do try my hardest and sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Here’s another swing at it.
Client Magazine(River Deep)
ilovefake(Fade to Grey)
FHM Collections Germany Fall/Winter 2010(Werkshatt der Emotionen)
Re-Bel Magazine
Men’s Health Espana(Road Movie)
Attitude(Rhythm of Love)
Dedicate(Final Fantasy)
Guapo Issue 3
Lutefisk (Jeune Homme Plus)
V Magazine(Ay Que Hombre)
160 Grams(Cover)
Citizen K International
7th Man(Dress Up)
Hercules(Let Your Whole Body Talk)
U Magazine
Contributing Editor(Tight Knit)
GQ Taiwan(Major Players)
Vanity Teen(Paris Under Fire)
Guapo Issue 2(Wild River)
Visual Tales Issue 2 (Animal Attraction)

Big thanks to my friends on The Fashion Spot thread for River Viiperi.
Also big thanks to River Viiperi himself for clarifying some things 🙂

Fixate: Lowell Tautchin

Lowell Tautchin
Agency: Major(NY)
Season: SS 2011
Lowell’s face is one that has stuck with me. I’m not exactly sure why, as I’ve found that he doesn’t really have a body of work behind him… but it just has. Maybe it’s a sign… I’ll take it as a sign. From what I hear though, he may be shooting a big editorial/campaign in Paris(maybe the Arena Hommes shoot). I also hear that Mode tried to sign him once before and he turned them down… thank God for persistence! Oh, and this just so happens let me introduce the Major Spring/Summer 2011 Showpackage, that I posted back during show season. I love it because of the quotes from The September Issue and Devil Wears Prada. That’s all.

Name: Lowell Tautchin
Place of Origin: Edmont, Alberta, Canada

Mode Models
Soul Management(NY)
Major Models(Paris)
I LOVE(Milan)


He was picked up late in the game, so just wait till next season.


Arena Hommes