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Beyonce X Dazed&Confused

Yeah that just happened. Beyonce looking BEYOND amazing on the cover of Dazed&Confused July 2011. Shot by Sharif Hamza she appears in Givenchy Fall 2011, this time not styled by her official stylist, Ty Hunter. Instead she’s styled by Karen Langley.
After seeing the image it only made me recreate the “Why Don’t You Love Me” video in all Givenchy Fall 2011. And then I heard “Countdown”(from the leaked album) I just knew it. The next video from the 4 album should be to “Countdown” and the artistic vision of it should be the same held within this image. Beautiful, striking, with just something a little bit gritty about it.
Just another reason haters gone hate.

"The Color Issue" of Iconography Magazine


So I’ve been doing a bit more contributing elsewhere and one of the publications I contribute to is Iconography Magazine. For their 9th issue, they chose the theme of “The Color Issue” and in light of the movie “For Colored Girls” I penned an article about four male models entitled “Four Colored Boys.” Basically it consists of short clips on four important male models: David Agbodji at Re:Quest, Corey Baptiste at VNY, Jonathan Marquez at Click, and Zakaria Khiare of Ford Models.

F/Homme Magazine Issue 1

So the debut issue of the menswear version of FIASCO Magazine has finally arrived. Inside you’ll find features on Vivienne Westwood, the Haus of Mugler, Rad Hourani and even the Spring 2011 Collections(by yours truly). A few photographers and included are cover models Mark Cox and William Eustace as well as Nicolas Ripoll, Joe Lally, and Justin Wu. Happy Reading.

Elle December 2010

Magazine Covers
Model: Jessica Alba
Photographer: Carter Smith
Publication: Elle December 2010

Joe Zee goes bold with the styling of the Elle December 2010 cover by dressing Jessica Alba in resort pieces. Pulling from Dior(jacket and denim shorts), Bulgari(saphire necklace), Miu Miu(leather belt), and Tony Duquette(cabochon bracelet) for the non subscriber’s cover, he runs the risk of being labeled as anachronistic by the masses. For the subscriber’s cover he runs the same risk by dressing Alba in Miu Miu(satin top) and Sequin(glass pearl stretch bracelets). While I’m almost positive that the cover was an attempt to find the right month to show Resort collections on magazine covers, during the seasons they are intended to be worn, if the people over at The Fashion Spot are any indication, this isn’t the month.

If it would have been me, to be honest I would save resort for a November or even October cover. If not, and I had to shoot it in December, I would try to make it a multi cover issue, having the Resort cover sent to more tropical locales, or other places that I believe the cover would suit. I definitely respect Elle for the effort though.


  • Read the Editor’s Letter last. Didn’t realize that this was the accessories issue. After I understood that, other things began to make since.
  • Joe Zee’s Sign Language article was interesting. He teamed up with astrologer Susan Miller to give us our fashion astrology and I loved mined because… well it said
  • Ruled by Mercury, Gemini-considered the smart and versatile planet-has a fashion editor’s eye

    Susan Miller
  • Alexa Brazilian wrote a superb article about her trial run of Navy, Jil Sander‘s new diffusion line. Entitled, A Simple Plan, the article says only good things about the collection and has even me interested. Oh and Jil Sander as in the brand headed by Raf Simons, not Jil Sander as in the woman in partnership with Uniqlo.
  • Kind of perturbed by the trend reports which seemed to me to include pieces from Resort, Fall/Winter, and Spring/Summer collections. That was a tad odd to me.
  • The Fashion News clip with the designers Logan Neitzel and Marcia Patmos were also perturbing. I liked their aesthetics, although very different, but I couldn’t help thinking “cashmere, wool, and leather for spring/summer?” Maybe I’m the weird one.

Fashion’s Next
Model wearing David Yoo at Fashion’s Next

Back during fashion week at the last moment I managed to find out about Elle‘s Fashion’s Next. I immediately wrote it off as Elle‘s version of CFDA/Vogue Venture Fund, but caught the livestream no less. It’s not the same though as CFDA competitors seem alot more skilled and experienced while Fashion’s Next are mere students and still mainly see fashion as an art form. My judgements are quick and sometimes harsh so I was surprised when I found myself liking a few of the designers. As the show came to a close some of my favorites included David Yoo, Caroline Hust, Jessica Castellano and Christina Yi. It’s funny because it seems that Elle, Maybelline, and Kate Spade agreed with me as my top three favorites all won prizes. Hopefully we’ll hear more from them, expecially David, but until then… I’ll keep up with the likes of Loden Dager.

So editorially, Elle has never, in my opinion been the strongest magazine I subscribe to, but they do give me nice editorials. I’ve always felt that the magazine is great when it comes to accessories and it just so happens that my favorite editorial, Power Play, features them. Shot by Horst Diekgerdes, Lakshmi Menon thrills me in pieces from teh likes of Cartier, Balmain, David Webb, Givenchy, Chopard, and David Yurman. Brian Molloy layers these pieces over simplistic tops and creates a sultry editorial that happens to be what I believe is the best out of the bunch.

Vogue November 2010

Magazine Cover
Model: Anne Hathaway
Photographer: Mario Testino
Publication: Vogue November 2010
So I’ve said it time and time again but after a while one gets tired of saying it and it’s just time to do it. I’ve finally gotten around to blogging about the magazines I get. Let’s not give excuses as to why it has taken me so long to get around to it, let’s just jump into Vogue‘s November 2010 issue, featuring Anne Hathaway on the cover in a burgundy Oscar de la Renta dress, antique diamond earrings from Dary’s and a Bulgari diamond-and-yellow-gold-bracelet. While I didn’t love the cover, I did like it. I felt that it was appropriate, which is the adjective that I have begun to use to describe Vogue as a whole. The publication, the cover, and this issue, were all very appropriate.

Flipping through the issue I couldn’t help but notice how wordy it seemed. The body copy seemed to go on for days! Take Hamish Bowles‘s article for example, I counted 4 pages. Vogue subscribers are actually finding that they actually have to read Vogue now. Oddly though, the amount to read about fashion seemed lacking.


  • I did enjoy reading about “It Girl”, Karlie Kloss‘s, experiences at Fashion’s Night Out. Then again, I love Karlie to bits.
  • Marc Jacob’s Spring 2011 collection was flawless-modern, pragmatic, and wearable

    Andre Leon Talley

  • Andre Leon Talley‘s review of the Marc Jacobs Spring 2011 collection began with that before going on to speak of it as hedonistic, directional and relevant. You know that I only lapped that review up.
  • The Aluminati” was a nice feature as well but I found myself only interested in Alexander Wang, the 2008 CFDA winner. Luckily, he received the biggest feature of the bunch.

CFDA Finalists

So this issue included small features on the CFDA Finalists and these would have to be my favorite two. As you all know Prabal Gurung(left)was no doubt one of my favorite shows of the Summer/Spring 2011 show season and it just so happens that I didn’t really pay attention to the menswear shows that happened during New York Fashion Week. Because of this Loden Dager(right) almost slipped through the cracks. Thankfully though, the brand did not and has in fact secured a place in my heart… now only if we can transfer that to my closet!

This editorial, shot by Patrick Demarchelier and styled by fashion editor Tonne Goodman, was my favorite of the issue. It was a tough decision, with Grace Coddington‘s two spreads putting up a good fight, but in the end, Sasha Pivovarova won out.

An Ode to Womenswear

An Accent on Red Editorial
Models: Bonnie Chen, Danni Li, Jana Knauerova, Lisanne de Jong
Photographer: Serge LeBlon
Publication: Vogue China September 2010

I’ve begun to realize that my coverage is spotty and incomplete. The norm here is, during Fashion Months I cover the shows. Normally I stick to mostly womenswear during the main shows, and then I do menswear for the menswear weeks. Then, throughout the year I normally cover alot of menswear editorials, and since I’ve been doing the Model Spotlight, it seems that I’m covering alot of male models. It’s kind of weird though because I got into fashion because of womenswear. It just so happens that within the last few years, menswear has made leaps and bounds, and I’ve found the developments interesting enough to cover them. The development of the male model, and the male editorial.. the now variety of aesthetics that the man has to choose from, were and are all of interest to me. The variation of the male silhouette is something, while not being majorly reworked, is being tweaked. There is so much farther to go though.

But in saying that, I do plan on making an effort to cover womenswear as well. I mean, I have so much to say about womenswear. While I can be found online discussing the experimentation of the Raf Simmons menswear collection, or greatness that is Lanvin menswear, when you see me on the street and I’m talking fashion, it’s more than likely about why Kim Kardashian shouldn’t be on the cover of W, or what my opinion is on the latest editorials for Interview, Elle, and Vogue. We are talking about the romance in the pieces that Stefano Pilatti sent down the runway at the latest Yves Saint Laurent show, or the joy that was embedded into every piece in the oh so 70s collection that was Marc Jacobs.

So here’s to my ladies, and the lovers of the clothes they wear. I’m going to make an effort to make my opinion of womenswear stray further than just my Twitter page, and find it’s way up onto the blog.

Models: Bonnie Chen, Danni Li, Jana Knauerova, Lisanne de Jong
Photographer: Serge LeBlon
Stylist: Nicoletta Santoro
Publication: Vogue China September 2010



Cover Model: Daniel Hicks
Cover Photographer: Beau Griely
Magazine: Agent2
Issue: 6
So some of you may remember that I like to read… alot. Sadly, I haven’t had alot of time to be reading with school and work going on, and the time I have been reading I’ve been spending on reading things by people like Malcolm Gladwell instead of the Derek Blasberg‘s of the world. Anywho, I need to get back into reading more fashion, especially since I am subscribed to a good many publications that just stack in my library, and so why not start with some online publications like Agent 2??

I’m not sure where I found out about Agent2, but I found it and subscribed to it. When I went to catch up on magazine subscriptions I saw that there was a new issue and so I flipped through it before perusing the website for a little while. I’m going to try to shoot through a quick runthrough.
  • complexgeometries, which was featured in the issue is a very nice label. I went through the Autumn/Winter 2010 collection and found myself mentally ticking off pieces I would buy and wear.
  • The article on David Koma was well written and I would only ask for more. Go in deeper, find something that I couldn’t find somewhere else. Try to either present the information in an interesting light, with a new perspective, or find something that hasn’t been found before. But the quality of writing was excellent.
  • The article on Rad Hourani… had me feeling unsettled. I felt content with the information given, but I had the nagging feeling that the questions were in a sense asking the same thing and Rad Hourani just was able to answer the question and still provide more information.
All in all I thought the issue was ohkay. I say this not to bash, but I have come to expect real creativity in editorials for an online publication, just because of the publications I normally read and this editorial fell a little short. For a 6th issue, I just encourage the Agent2 team to work hard. I do believe they have an eye for talent, as those who were featured in the publication are talented, but I wish that they could just improve their coverage of said talent.

MAGAZINE: Fiasco #3 "The Face Issue"

Photographer: Vincent Noord, Shannon Sinclair, Vincent Noord
Cover Models: Luke Worral, Yuri Pleskun, Ash Stymest
Magazine: FIASCO Magazine “The Face Issue”
Fiasco Magazine hits their third issue with three covers that are practically flawless, if I do say so myself. Featuring Luke Worral, Ash Stymest, and 803 favorite, Yuri Pleskun as well as models such as Maddy Foord, and Magdalena Berus, the issue was definitely an impressive one. Closing at 232 pages, the online issue is HEAVY with fashion having more than 15 different editorials(I kind of just stopped counting). But, while the body copy isn’t heavy, it is still present and informative, the opener studying the essence of icon, while a few interviews delve into the heads of various industry personnel.
See the issue as well as more of our coverage below the clip.

Interview with photographer Cameron-James Wilson(p.10-11) in Fiasco Magazine’s Face issue.

The issue pretty much begins with body copy. Before our eyes are graced with any of the MANY editorials in the publication, we are confronted with interviews of MUAs, a photographer, and a PR girl. In case you were wondering, the government is not the only industry with a bit of an alphabet soup(MUA=make-up artist, PR=public relations). The first interview is with Charlotte Willer and Anita Keeling, two MUAs. Their resumes include such name notables as Vogue(various editions), Maybelline, Kate Moss, and Cate Blanchett. With their time together they discuss inspiration which for Anita happens to be her mother, and for Charlotte it happens to be the details of life. They also go on to discuss beauty tips as well as their dream canvas(face) to work on. The interview with 17 year old photographer Cameron-James Wilson from Dorchester really addresses Wilson’s youth and experience in the industry. Lastly, the chat with PR girl, Felicity Carter, sort of delves into what exactly a PR girl is and why she’s known as the “PR who never sleeps” for her work with Angel Jackson.

John Dibble interview(p.87-88) in Fiasco Magazine’s Face Issue.
After those interviews there are a slew of virtually impeccable editorials, some of my favorites being Rebel Rabbit(p 49) as well as Stood Up(p 41). Dream Girl Culture is another favorite. Editorials like this one in particular intrigue me because one looks at the pieces and they seem to be this high fashion editorial when really and truly, trekking down to the American Apparel is all you need to do. The entire issue is interesting and it’s big enough that I will undoubtedly have to flip through it again. I’m very impressed with the styling, photography and talent found within and actually can’t wait for the next issue in September to be entitled, Teen Freedom. But until then check out the issue in it’s entirety below.

MAGAZINE: Vanity Teen #9

http://static.issuu.com/webembed/viewers/style1/v1/IssuuViewer.swfCover Model: Francisco Lachowski
Photographer: Marley Kate
Magazine: Vanity Teen Issue 9

So, this will be the second time that I’m writing this blog post but hopefully I will not loose any enthusiasm in writing it. I mean, I still love Vanity Teen and this issue. Even though they strung us along forever with a few pictures here and a backstage video there,(ohkay maybe it wasn’t forever but you know how as an addict, days seem to stretch into weeks) I was pleased when they finally put out and gave us the issue. Full of rippling muscles, fun, and indie fashion, Vanity Teen #9 in no way deviates from their established brand. If any thing it just promotes it with models like Francisco Lachowski and Arthur Sales appearing through the lenses of photographers like Marley Kate and Joe Lally(De Facto).

See screenshots from the issue and the rest of our collection below the clip.

Romeo & Julian interview (pg 50-51) in issue 9 of Vanity Teen.

After 4 delicious editorials featuring Vanity Teen’s signature dark yet relaxed editorial aesthetic, well of course excusing Francisco Lachowski’s fun, colorful, and fresh shoot, Vanity Teen brings us a feature on Romeo & Julian, a Germany based line that finds inspiration in Barcelona. Started by two men, the “boys fashion label” was created for “people who love fashion” and not just homosexuals, as some are led to believe. The line, which has been featured in Vangardist as well as on Small Town Boys, has been in production since the summer/spring 2007 showing season. They have 5 collections listed on their website: Same, Twin, Pure, Club, and Day. To me, the line is fun and refreshing. From the bright colors, to the cut of the pieces, it reads easy, breezy, youth. Check out their Facebook to learn more.

Paris Fashion Week Menswear spread(pg 78-79) in issue 9 of Vanity Teen.

After a pictorial centered around Arthur Sales and other models’ rippling abs, we arrive at a recap of some of the shows from Paris Menswear Fashion Week. Spotting drop crotch bottoms and Jesus sandals as must haves for summer/spring 2011, Vanity Teen quickly goes through the shoes that they had a chance to attend. The recap covers names like Juun J. as well as Damir Doma and says “It was a playful collection full of pears, florals, and plaids” of Walter Van Beirendock. They also attended one of my new favorites that I haven’t had a chance to cover yet, Songzio. Their commentary about that show is as follows: “[It was] a balanced collection, consisting of drapings and volumes resulting in an effortless yet fashionable look.” My sentiments exactly.

Manuel Bolano interview (pg 81-82) in issue 9 of Vanity Teen.

The issue pretty much closes with an interview with Manuel Bolano, the man behind the collection entitled “Why must everything be in pink?” Citing a combination of Lady Gaga, Helena Bonham Carter, and Eloisa Bercero as his muse, Manuel speaks of his inspiration as well as what he does in his leisure time. His evident is pretty evident in the collection but he speaks more to his background as well what may or may not be in his future.

MAGAZINE: Wink Summer 2010

Screenshot of Wink Magazine‘s Summer 2010 cover.
So, one of the things that I decided would happen once I returned home for the summer, is that I would attempt to inject some local fashion tidbits into the blog. We focus alot on international fashion, and the big names, but everyone does that. Not everyone lives in Columbia, South Carolina, and can or will report on the industry here. Well I’m proud to announce that while back for the summer, the first issue of a fashion local magazine that I know about, has come out. Wink Magazine is a Columbia based online publication that covers South Carolina fashion and lifestyle. Have I met with someone from the staff yet? No. Do I want that to happen really soon, OF COURSE!
Check under the clip for more coverage and the actual digital issue.

Charleston Fashion Week Spread in Wink Magazine‘s Summer 2010 issue.

This issue of Wink, sadly had no clothing editorials in it. What it did feature though was a two page spread on books that may be of interest, where Courtney Web discussed, among others, Dead in the Family(a book in the series that the HBO series True Blood is based off of), as well as spreads on great places to vacation and a 4 page spread on gardening tips. Charleston Fashion Week was also discussed in a two page spread with pictures featuring Mychael Knight, of Project Runway fame, and Larika Page, the winner of this years Emerging Designers competition put on by Charleston Fashion Week. The highlight was done by Eb Looney, of Make Me Over Eb.

Eb Looney‘s beauty pictorial in Wink Magazine‘s Summer 2010 issue.
The only editorial included was this one, a makeup spread by Eb Looney. I met Eb when I took her makeup class. I learned there that she is known for her “natural look” and that is evident by this spread. The looks that she presents are summer looks, that compliment the features of the two models featured. She utilizes Mary Kay in the spread. All in all though, the 30 page digital issue of Wink Magazine was nice. Whereas I would have hoped for more “fashion” I am satisfied with what was presented.

View the issue here!