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MOVIE: Marc Jacobs and Louis Vuitton

So… I’ve kind of had this documentary forever now. I saw it sometime during the summer when I was trolling YouTube and the blogs for fashion documentaries. I was going to post it but then I had to run, and then when I got back I was supposed to format it correctly, and all of those things and so yeah, Marc Jacobs + Louis Vuitton the documentary is just getting posted. Don’t kill me.

Shot in 2006 the documentary shows the makings of the Louis Vuitton and Marc Jacobs collections for 2007. If I remember correctly(it has been a few months) the film takes place in Paris and New York, and we even get to make a stop in Tokyo as Marc restages a show there. I remember being impressed, and excited that the film was sort of a Marc before the Marc we know now. It’s always good to step behind the curtain and see how a designer does exactly what he does. I actually think I saw this about 2 weeks before the Marc Jacobs Spring/Summer 2011 show.


Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer 2010 Bags

When I first laid eyes on these pictures, my mouth dropped & watered. I simply love the fresh look, perfect for summer. The thing I really enjoy about this Louis Vuitton hand bag collection is that its has a little bit of something for every woman from the business woman to the summer traveler that just wants to have fun with her girlfriends. Some of the bags are refeshing with hints of pastels, light to dark fading, and plaids, while some of them are in the classic brown with the LV print but spiced up with striping. There’s even a book pack, that has fringe, springs and tassles galore. It’s totally differnet from the African and flight bag thing they had going on last spring, it was a darker color scheme and wasn’t as laid bag and relaxed. I was very pleased when I saw this line because I automatically saw casual written all over it and it was nice to see that they played with the jeans bags by adding color stiching to make it fun but, they didn’t stop there…the collection also includes a line of bag chains to add even more personality, from foxy tails to long tassles LV wanted to make sure these chains made a statement right alont with their head turning bags. Click the image to enlarge and see full details.

Written & Collage done by Courtney

Pre-Fall 2010: Louis Vuitton

With a small showing for this season, only 16 looks, Louis Vuitton’s show was one definitely on some people’s “must see” lists because of past Spring Ready To Wear, eccentric show. While the show wasn’t as out there with afro wigs, and crazy prints layed on crazy prints, Vuitton managed to retain some of the same vibe, evident in the footwear. to me this collection was a more restrained Vuitton than the past collection, it also seems a bit younger, and well some of the accessories… in the words of Mrs Rachel Zoe herself, “I die!”

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