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I saw these pictures from the lookbook of ADO LES SCENTS, yesterday, and i was going to blog about it then but… I didn’t. I was reminded of it because of the Lacoste campaign I just posted. When I first saw these pieces I immediately thought of the Lacoste ads of old. Not only did I think off them because the models are suspended in air, but because of the styling and the pieces. To me, Ado Les Scents is in a since a neo preppy. It’s a newer Lacoste. I’m in no way saying that Lacoste is old(it is an old company but I think you understand what I’m getting at). Lacoste, in my opinion is still relevant to the industry and creates clothes that are such. But in saying that I do see Ado Les Scents(atleast the pieces shot here by Simone van Rees) as the same basic aesthetic with a younger, and newer eye. The fabrics are different that Lacoste, and even the cut is a tad different. What I do think though is that Lacoste with their new campaign may be attempting to go more towards Ado Les Scents for the future.

See more coverage below the clip.


Alexander Wang SS 2010 Lookbook

I know I normally write alot in my posts but I’m going to try something new. I like these pictures because to me they are fresh, and new. The models aren’t all done up but yet, there’s still a je ne se quoi that makes me want to start my fashion wall (which I should start production on soon) with. Maybe it’s the styling, or the way the models, Anja Rubik (NEXT), Hanne Gaby Odiele (SUPREME), Edita Vilkeviciute (VIVA,DNA), Mirte M and Liu Wen (Select, Marilyn) pose, what ever it is I cant get over these pictures.

What do you think about them??