Lola Maxwell is on her way to the Planet of the Greats??

The story of how I found Lola Maxwell is… interesting. I had just caught ahold of this Who Is Lola campaign and thinking that Lola(AKA JLo) was this Lola, I followed her on Twitter. Eventually I got around to listening to the music and I found that this was NOT the same artist. But after taking a few taste samples I found that, I liked this Lola just as well!!

An artist in her own right, I found out by Tweet that Lola is a dancer as well as a fashionista. In our interview she even elaborated citing her involvement in theatre, art, and graphic design. With her recently dropped mixtape entitled, From the Planet of the Greats, Lola is one that we’ll have to keep an eye on and an ear out for.

Do you remember the first rhyme you ever wrote?? If so, what was it about?? Do you still have it??

You know what, I actually do, surprisingly. The first rhyme I ever wrote was to Craig Mack’s “Flava in Ya Ear” and I rightfully titled it “Brand New Flava”. It’s basically me introducing myself to the rap world. The first few lines go “here comes the brand new flava in ya ear/ jillz in the airwaves stirrin up some fear/never call me feisty I keep my cool calm/dudes wanna make me wifey take me to their moms/never rock the vans cuz I never rock the sneakaz/see you at my show first row in the bleachaz…” lol I still love it and spit it from time to time at some of my shows. I think I might have typed it up on my sidekick way back when, which got stolen at some party down here at school. Luckily I have it stuck in my brain.

When you get in the studio to record a track or anything really, are there words or concepts that run through your head??

Man, that’s the hardest and easiest part about being a writer. Sometimes it comes easy other times you just get creator’s block, similar to writer’s block I guess lol. There are times where I just want to get so complex to make people think and other times I just want to give it to them conspicuously. One thing that’s definitely easy for me to write about is love because I take matters of the heart seriously. Since, I’ve been through so much it’s easy for me to explain my emotions and feelings through my lyrics.

Do you feel you bring something to the industry that others don’t and if so what??

Hmm, I feel that I bring the total package, haha. Well, that’s what I’ve been told anyway. I mean, there’s so much more progress to go but from what people have witnessed they tell me that I possess the total package when it comes to the look, the lyrics, the art, the “swag”, and the determination. When it comes to my music and the beats, concepts, and lyrics that I chose, I feel like I would be bringing what once was heavily admired by the masses in the 80s and early 90s – real hip hop. I loved that rawness, even though I’m only 20 lol, and want to reproduce that through my music along with adding that new school flavor.

Alot of the time, what we see is not all the story so what is the rest of your story?? Also who helped you or is continually helping you?? Who composes your team??

It’s all Lola baby!! Lol, no but seriously, I get little help when it comes to writing and coming up with concepts. Me, as a person though, I don’t know, if you can’t tell through my music then I don’t know what to tell you. I’m just a five foot fashionista with a passion for music. When it comes to beats I usually pick some up from friends who are also aspiring to be in the music industry. On my mixtapes you can hear beats produced by Banquo, Sinitus Tempo, Doc Battle, Nando McFlyy, Johnny 5 Optimus, Heartbr3ak Kid, and Vaughn Newtype Garcia of M1 Platoon. My biggest support comes from my friends and family, specifically my sister. She is the one that motivates me on a daily basis to keep striving me to be my best and show my talent to the world. I love her for that!

Is there anyone out in the industry now that you look up to or would want to work on a track with??

I don’t think there’s anyone I really look up to but there are a few who inspire me. You got Mos Def, Outkast, and Gnarls Barkley. They’re incredibly creative and I love how their music isn’t like the rest. That’s how I want my music to be. If any of them wrote to me today and said they would like to work with me I would probably pass out or scream, lol. That’s just how much love I have them and am serious about expressing my thoughts through music.

Do you feel that you’ve had your “break” yet?? If so what do you think that moment was and how did you arrive there??If not what do you think it takes to get there?? Do you think that you’re near to it??

I definitely don’t feel like I’ve had my “break” yet. I’m actually surprised how much recognition I’m getting from my mixtapes! I mean, two years ago I was just a freshmen at VCU looking to earn my bachelors in Fashion Merchanding in the next four years. My mind was not on becoming a female emcee. So, it’s amazing how far I’ve come and how much I’ve gotten noticed in such a short amount of time. I actually do think I’m near my “break”. All I need for that is the right people to hear my mixtapes.
Clockwork just came on and in it you say something about having to dumb down your lyrics just to make a single?? Do you want to elaborate on this?? Do you feel that this is phenomenon in the industry??

Is it?! Definitely. Every time I turn on the radio or go to the club I hear simple ass lyrics (excuse my language) that don’t really say anything. The other day I was listening to B.o.B.’s “B.o.B. vs Bobby Ray” mixtape and on some track he was saying something about “patron patron patron and swag, patron and swag”. He was giving emphasis to the fact that that’s all you hear on the radio so people don’t quite “get” what he’s doing. And it doesn’t make any sense. I did a peformance at the Stone Soul Picnic in DC this summer and I saw this no more than 8 year old boy singing every single lyric to Soulja Boy Tellem’s song “Turn My Swag On”. I honestly felt sad for the boy because he’s not getting that true hip hop that I’m sure he could fall in love with.

On Figure of Speech you say you are a poet. Is this how you got into songwriting?? How important do you say poetry is to expressing your feelings??

Lol, I actually hate how I sounded on that track, but those words mean a lot to me so I just said “what the hell!”. I’ve always been a good writer but not necessarily in poetry. I love to read poetry, though. My favorite books of all time are by Shel Silverstein and Dr. Seuss. I was more into writing stories.

What’s your favorite color??

Well, lol, it was pink but I’m divorcing it and I’m getting married to purple. I love the meaning behind it – royalty. Plus, it just seem more richer.

How would you describe your clothing style??

Chic and sophisticated with a touch of glam, ow!

If I asked you to give the best advice to a senior, fresh out of high school who wanted to make it in this industry what would you say to them??

Go for it!! But don’t expect for things to just fall into your lap. Dreams take lots and lots of energy as well as determination. And ALWAYS THINK POSITIVE!! I can’t stress that enough. Oh, and if you get a chance watch “The Secret”. One of the best things that’s happened to me thus far.

What’s next for you??

More shows, interviews, collabs, and videos I guess. Right now, I’m just trying to keep my grades up and focus on school more than anything since I’m almost out of there!