FALL 2010: Loewe

Ohkay so I’ve watched Mean Girls and Legally Blonde tonight while blogging fashion. The only reason I say that is because I was about to talk about Elle the magazine when Elle on Legally Blonde was mentioned… yet I digress from Loewe’s Fall 2010 collection, which we never started on but… still.

Anyways, Elle(the magazine) spoke of some of the new trends for the Spring season. In the March issue, there’s an article entitled Get Shorty by Anne Slowey. The first page is set beside a backstage photo of an Ungaro Spring/Summer 2010 look. Even if you don’t know the exact look I’m referring to you should know of the circumstances. You have undoubtedly heard about the Lohan/Ungaro scandal with crotch grazing hemlines.
See more coverage under this clip.

Anyway, I’m not here to talk about hemlines that have been inching up for about the past 4 years(yet atleast) but I am here to talk about something that Anne touched on: the emergence of tops and jackets on the runways. Now I never thought about it too long, but now as I have begun to think, I’ve decided that Anne may have a very valid point, designers may be taking note of the recession by focusing more on jackets and tops that can be remixed with bottoms that you already own. It’s not a bad idea, methinks.
Loewe gives us tops for that, and very clean, smooth silhouettes for cocktails. Neutral colors are still in, a little bit of a somber mood, and so is modesty.

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