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RESORT: Miu Miu 2011

Color is back at Miu Miu for the 2011 Resort collections, and Miuccia Prada is unapologetic about it. Describing it herself as “Fun, sensual, and insolent,” the lie nods back to the sixties and the retro glam found within. A lover of jewlery stacks, I found myself dying over the colorful stacked bangles. And even though I’ve never been one for eccentric hair and makeup, this ratted hair and cheekbone enhancing makeup strikes my fancy exactly. Whether it’s hearts, stripes, apples, or polka dots, Miuccia knows her way around a print.

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I love everything about the line really. It does one of the things that I believe the Prada family is best at: taking something from your grandmother’s closet and revamping it until it’s relevant for today. It’s in no way just the prints that make me say this but the cuts, the fit in some instances(alot of times it is the prints though).

One last thing I love about this line is that it’s about the entire look! It’s not just about those GORGE pants that are perfectly cut to hang right while teetering on those sky high heels. It’s about the bag, the jacket, the hankercheif AND the jewlery stack. The eyewear is even of importance. Now whereas I will admit alot of this can be chalked up to two AMAZING models, it also shows that Miuccia is invested in the entire line, and takes care to show the ENTIRE look. It’s not like make a dress and then accessories to go with it, but don’t spend too much time on them. I want the dress to be the focus. Instead it seems more like, create 27 complete looks for resort.

Models: Anais Pouliot, Lindsey Wixson


RESORT: Yves Saint Laurent 2011

Yves Saint Laurent is a name we more than likely all know, or atleast you’ve seen the letters, YSL somewhere. Most notably for me I think of the film that Bruce Weber did entitled Ain’t Nothing Like the Real Thing(WARNING: Male Frontal Nudity). Anyways, the line is back with their Resort 2011 line for women. The message seems to be pretty simple to me though ladies, it’s all about the legs.

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Opened: Ginta Lapina (Women)
Closed: Lindsey Wixson (Marilyn)