EXCLUSIVE: FFS and Clarence J

So, one of the things that we are attempting to bring more of as the blog evolves is original content. Original and exclusive content that you’re not going to find at other blogs. That’s why, if you’ve noticed, there has been an injection of a personal voice into posts. Also if you’re one of our business affiliates, you should be able to tell by the emails I’ve sent. Anyway, I’m excited to announce that I was on the set of my first photoshoot this pass Sunday, and these are the pictures that resulted. I posted about it on my other blog but now the pictures are back, I’m going to post about it here as well.

See more pictures from the photoshoot, and my commentary after the clip.

Amenia Pempleton(FFS) by Clarence Jackson

The photographer on set was Clarence Jackson of Clarence J Photography. I had never met him before the shoot, so afterwards I did go up and kind of introduce myself. He has a very quiet demeanor and, for the model, makes it a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. With 19 other models in the room, and the staff of your agency looking on, you kind of need someone that seems to be reassuring. The professionalism of his work is evident in the photographs and his timeliness. Like I said, we shot on Sunday, it’s now Tuesday and I have the photographs. I believe light retouching was done. Anyway, if you’re in the area and would like to shoot I’d recommend him highly. He’s also looking to build a creative team, so if you are a designer, make-up artist, stylist, or creative director, check him out.

Ty Rene’e(FFS) by Clarence Jackson

The pictures that I have selected are just a few of my favorites. Are they all my top favorites, no, but I wanted to show a variety of pictures/angles/models/emotions, while still attempting to stay true to the quality of the blog. You will notice that Monique La Belle does appear twice. That’s because she… hands down was my favorite model. She has untapped potential, but she also has talent that she exercises REGULARLY! She’s just so effortless in front of the camera, and the funny thing is that even though you watch the photoshoot and you see all this talent, after the picture is taken you’re like, “Wow I didn’t know the light would reflect like that”. You have time to reflect on every little detail when her mind factored them all in the span of a few seconds.

Dustin White(FFS) by Clarence Jackson

Here are a few more pictures in no particular order. Click the pictures and they will become larger.

Models: Shemieka Lloyd(FFS), Monique La Belle(FFS), Kenneth McCray(FFS), Victoria Jazzphied(FFS), Lindsey Hendren(FFS)
Creative Direction: Alicia Zeigler
Photographer: Clarence Jackson
Hair, Make-Up, and Styling: Latasha Cooper
Assistant: Mikelle Street