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Leiomy on the Girls

Her name is Leiomy Maldonado, but most know her as Leiomy Mizrahi. She is voguing. More specifically we call it vogue femme. She is LEGENDARY! Get into her and her movement. Do you see the dollars raining from the crowd? That’s not apart of the show. When we say pay homage, we’re not talking about just verbally… we like to see those little green pieces of paper.

You all were gagging over the performances of Vogue Evolution on America’s Best Dance Crew and I only shook my head. Do you see why?? There’s only one thing you can give to the Legendary Mother: TENS ACROSS THE BOARD. Well of course and a cameo in what is one of the hottest music videos to come out this year, Willow Smith’s “Whip My Hair.”

VOGUE-a highly stylized modern dance characterized by photo model-like poses integrated with angular, linear and rigid arm, leg, and body movements. There are three major ways of voguing: Old Way, New Way, and Vogue Femme

Vogue Femme– fluidity at its most extreme; exaggerated feminine movements, influenced by ballet, modern dance, and breakdancing. There are Five Elements of Vogue Femme:

  1. Hand Performance
  2. Dramatics(Spins and Dips)
  3. Catwalk
  4. Duckwalk
  5. Floor Performance

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"Whip it Real Good"

Music Video
Song: Whip My Hair
Artist: Willow Smith
Director: Ray Kay

Where do I begin???

  • The styling was just right! Wardrobe that was done by Mariel Haenn gave me the right mix of Lil Mama, Rihanna, and individuality in this video to show that Willow really isn’t one to play with.
  • The beauty… I ask for glamour and they delivered! While I was unsure about the heart in the opening scene, Marcia Hamilton did end up giving me what my heart needed, wanted, and desired for the video. You guys know I love a good mohawk and pompadour! And the nails… oh those nails! And the eyelashes, and the lips… although I feel weird saying these things since she’s only 9… she murdered the industry in one video.
  • The choreography… who I’ve yet to get a name on(while most are saying it’s J.R. Taylor it didn’t look too similar to his choreography video on YouTube, and he hasn’t claimed it on his blog.) gave me EVERYTHING! It wasn’t too old for her, and yet it was still ageless so if and when I want to… I can do it. Plus the cameo by Leiomy(the teacher)… to die for.

All in all the video was officially a breaking story. Oh and now that I found out that my dreads can move…