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CAMPAIGN: Lanvin for H&M

Photographer: David Sims
Label: Lanvin for H&M
I told you guys that day by day I’d be bringing additional components to the Lanvin for H&M collaboration and today happens to be the campaign. Yes, like everyone else I’d been getting the sneak previews, and yes I wanted to post them but I chose not to. Why, because I feel like there’s no need to gorge on information and then not be able to savor it. Our culture doesn’t do that often… really savor things. With this blog I try to make that a part of my life. I really use it to savor certain moments in fashion and if this is your only connection to the fashion world then I’m glad that you’re savoring right along… oh but the editorial. Yes, what we came here for… what can I say except I love it.

Models: Simon Nessman, Natasha Poly, Tati Cotliar, Jane Schmitt, Garance Dumont and Hannelore Knuts
Director: Mike Figgis
Stylist: Camille Bidault Waddington
Makeup: Kajsa Svanberg
Hair: Karin Biegler


Lanvin for H&M-The Menswear Pieces

Product Image
Collection: Lanvin for H&M
Season: Fall/Winter 2010
I told you that I would be back, and here I am. What have I come with?? Product shots of the Lanvin for H&M collaboration. Of course I’m not going to post them all, only a select few that I would be most interested in purchasing, given the chance, but there are others who have the complete menswear collection. The shades above, are the ones that I was referring to that remind me of Grey Ant shades that I’ve seen June Ambrose as well as Sham Shirley and Marquis Phifer wearing. I wanted those the first time I spied them and now I want these! A good blazer, or two, is always welcome to my collection, as is a nice one button suit. The flower is a pleasantry that I’ll wear and not wear at will. If I can’t get anything else though… just give me a pair of those blue suede shoes!! Ohkay, maybe they aren’t suede, but I still need them in my life. In the next few days, I’ll be posting the ad campaign as well as some of my favorites from womenswear.
UPDATE: View all of the images for the menswear Lookbook here.

Lanvin for H&M- "The Show"

Video Advertorial
Label: H&M X Lanvin Collaboration

So I awake early to find one single video in my Google Reader… well more than one but only one that I actually wanted to watch. The Lanvin for H&M Collaboration video is here! While I sadly won’t be able to purchase any of the pieces(there is no H&M in the entire state of South Carolina) I can dream and drool right? Of course!! So that is what I do!

The entire Lanvin for H&M collection is 40 pieces strong and ranges from about 15 euros(don’t ask me dollars)to about 150 euros(for a suit of course). The collection includes accessories, which my eye first sought out. I saw those shades that reminded me of the label Grey Ant, and just knew that I indeed wanted the entire collection. I was actually surprised to find that the collection spans womenswear and menswear, but was still just a tad dissapointed in the menswear(can’t we get a bag atleast?). I can’t ID all the models now but I’ll try later… and maybe I’ll put some of my favorite pieces up, but for now I have to run.
UPDATE: View the entire lookbook for the womenswear and menswear.

Models: Simon Nessman, Vincent Olivieri, Natasha Poly, Tati Cotliar, Jane Schmitt, Garance Dumont and Hannelore Knuts
Director: Mike Figgis
Stylist: Camille Bidault Waddington
Makeup: Kajsa Svanberg
Hair: Karin Biegler

Safari Opulence

Detail Accessory Shot
Collection: Lanvin Summer/Spring 2011(Paris)
Label: Lanvin
I hope you didn’t think that my fashion week coverage was over! PARIS has only just ended my dear dahlings, and to me Paris is very much like New York! Well, not in terms of aesthetic or philosophy but in terms of the amount of shows I wish to cover. I mean in aesthetic, while New York is all about who’s new, who’s cool, who’s now, Paris looks more to the houses of old. When you hear the terms house DNA or when critics begin to discuss designers rifling through the archives, you’re more than likely discussing some Parisian house. I mean think about the Yves Saint Laurent issue: Pierre Berge wishes to end any further production to perserve the legacy of the YSL brand and the way that he attempts to thwart any designer that has been hired to head the brand, like Stefano Pilati, he makes accessing the archives, which are owned by a fund in his name, difficult. But enough about that, let’s get to Alber Ebaz and this Lanvin collection since we apparently have 3 more years to discuss Pilati and YSL.

My personal aesthetic is pretty minimalistic. I’m not afraid or ashamed to admit it. I love my aesthetic… which is why I attempt to maintain it. But the thing is, I LOVE to take my minimalistic aesthetic and use it to set off some accessories. To really put them on display! I mean since there ideally isn’t much going on with my clothes, besides attention to the cut and fall of them, I can indulge on pieces like the housefly featured above from the first look of the Lanvin collection. I can only say one thing to Elie Top… DIVINE!

The actual collection was marvelous to me. The hair slicked back in a, no nonsense way, it was immediately all about the garments. While I didn’t love every look, I certainly loved most of them. Beginning with a colorblocking motif, the collection goes from billowing to sheath in 8 looks. Skirt suits are then explored, with a slight experimentation of the cut of the arm before the collection begins to take the strands it has set up and weave them together blossoming into bright cocktail dresses. After dropping in a few swimwear looks, the collection goes back to a loser fit, examining the suit which appears to be a rain suit that has been put in a bag, had all the air vacuumed out, and then pulled out of the bag, left in it’s wrinkled state.

After addressing chiffon, the collection seems to step into the more ornate. Looks become jeweled even. The ending, a group set, seemed to come out of no where to me, had I not seen the house fly. The print of the group set evokes a tribal feeling to me, and once I began to mull over that my brain begins to step back into the area of the suits and I begin to consider suiting for a safari or rain forest. This makes me revisit the chiffon until I began to consider it as mosquito netting, and thus I have begun to rework the entire collection with my simple musing. But hey, whether I’m right or not… the collection is still stunning.

SS11: Lanvin

Alber Ebaz and Lucas Ossendrijver have my favorite men’s collection for summer/spring 2011 so far, hands DOWN!! In Paris, muscles are out, and at Lanvin statement pieces for men are in… and they are SOOOOO IN! Lanvin is talking neutrality, bright colors, prints, draping, bags… ugh, I want it ALL! Even thought my dancer thighs and calves may not fit… I still want it ALL! This nomadic/gypsy vibe that I’m getting for the collection… gives me all I want, need, and desire!
See the rest of the collection, and more coverage below.
I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ve been a fan of Alber, and to be completely transparent with you I’d never heard of Lucas Ossendrijver. Do I feel jipped?? Of course. Does that mean I’m going to be reading things more carefully… you bet! This collection has everything that I’m looking for while not ever addressing the things that I have mentioned that I’m looking for. I said I want white pieces and there’s no white, but there’s still color. The pops of color aren’t just loud pops though, they seem to have been muted just the right amount to make them pieces that will get noticed but at the same time, they aren’t gaudy in the least.

See the rest of the collection here.

FALL 2010: Lanvin

Alber Elbaz was a little all over the place with the Lanvin collection this season. This of course is not to say that there aren’t unifying themes, the strength in the woman is apparent and if one was only glancing they could clearly see it in the confidence of the nude shoulder and at other times the power portrayed byt the bold, structured shoulders. But we go from a very minimalist day woman to an eccentric, embellished and African inspired night life. Dusting off the metallic minis is something you may want to consider when you bring down your Fall wardrobe for 2010. The collection showed an extraordinary range while at the same time still was all held together, all dressing the Lanvin woman. Brava Elbaz, Brava!

See more coverage under the clip

See the rest of the show here.

Fall 2010: Lanvin

Nice baby Nice, the boys were looking right. Metallics, street inspired wear, and the male clutch bag. Lanvin did a pretty good job with line. Love the mixture of relaxed and fitted looks. From tuxedos to blazers, this line included something that every man would wear. The neat thing about this collection was that some of the trenchcoats had removable arms. I favored the fringed sweaters and the fitted feminine like sweaters as well. Thought it all looked well put together it had a slouchy worn in appeal that was cool. The collection flowed well together and almost told a story of a man in different parts of his life.