CAMPAIGN: Lacoste SS 2010

I’ave always been a fan of Lacoste and the clean, preppy aesthetic they procure. Their dds were at one point the ones I’d seek out first when flipping through magazines. You undoubtedly know which ones I’m talking about. The couple of campaigns wherein the models were depicted, seemingly suspended in air, in positively squeaky clean styles. Always pressed, always chic. That’s what I saw in Lacoste. The models could be leaving a round of golf, or a Sunday brunch… that’s the feeling I always got from Lacoste, refreshing and clean… kind of like soap I guess.

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This campaign is only a tad different. It’s still as clean, as the Lacoste that I’ve come to love, but maybe if only to me, it’s not as pressed. The models aren’t as stiff, and there’s a level of approachability in this campaign. From their faces, that depict the models actually interacting to their body language, I have a feeling like Lacoste is attempting to change the persona that is sometimes thought of as cold, to welcoming. No matter what the goal was, I think Ellen von Unwerth did a great job.