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2NE1 come-back with 3 new mvs

2NE1 (in order from left to right:CL, Bom, Dara, and Minzy) has made a come back after being hiatus for awhile. They have 3 new singles and music videos from their new album “To Anyone” out in less than a week. I must say they haven’t lost their touch though I must warn you there’s a lot of autotune for some reason but it’s still good, the new songs are “Clap Your Hands”, “Go Away”, and “Can’t Nobody”

click below to check out the new mvs.

“Clap Your Hands”

“Go Away”

“Can’t Nobody”


DBSK to stop doing their group activities.

With their group activites in Korea already halted due to a lawsuit filed by Jaejoong, Yoochun and Junsu against SM Entertainment, it was announced today that TVXQ will be stopping their group activities in Japan.

Despite the lawsuit filed by the JaeChunSu trio in mid-2009, TVXQ still continued their group activities in Japan.

But it looks like their 30th single, Toki o Tomete which was released late last month could be their final piece together.

Visitors to their official Japanese website on April 3rd were greeted with a popup message from Avex Japan which stated that ‘Tohoshinki will stop/pause their activities as a group and to please support their solo activities‘.

With no definite timeframe or concrete details from Avex Japan, fans are undoubtedly crushed by this devasting announcement.

As a fan myself I’m hurt to even hear it let alone having to post the news…But I will support the guys no matter what.