RESORT: Marc by Marc Jacobs 2011

MARC JACOBS! Undoubtedly one of the coolest kids roaming the halls of fashion right now. I mean he just won Womenswear Designer of the year for Superlatives.. wait I meant for the CFDA Awards… you know that I was trying to say. Anyway, so what does he go and do? Well of course he goes and puts out outfits in his Marc by Marc Jacobs line, that are uber laid back and chill, and yet still chic and a tad quirky. Utilizing florals, small pops of colors, and draping, the Marc by Marc Jacobs crowd is at ease when on vacation but of course is always ready with any number of cocktail dresses to throw on.

See below the clip for the rest of the collection

And if you were wondering, the models are twins 🙂

Models: Kirby Kenny(DNA NY), Ann Kenny(DNA NY)