PERSONAL: Shooting the Messenger

I’m always looking for a good ring!
Designer: Atelier Minyon
So as you guys can see I’ve been darting around a little doing a variety of things… ohkay well maybe you can’t see it but I have. I mean I got a job for one… ohkay it’s probably time I explain how that works. I went and signed up at a temp agency and basically what I have to do every morning is drive down to the temp agency and wait for them to give me a job. Somedays, like the day after I signed up, and the next day, I get work. Other days, like pretty much all this week except for Wednesday I believe.. I don’t. Frustrating yes, but hey, when I do get work I appreciate it because I get paid the day of. The work is grueling though, it’s manual labor.
Ugh, this would become my signature piece so quickly!
Collection: Fall 2010
I did want to discuss something else though…*taps teeth* oh I know, my experience with the photoshoot. So two weeks ago I did a photoshoot for submission to Linger Magazine. The team included Clarence Jackson(photographer), Monique La’Belle(model), Kiesha Moore(make-up artist), Tennyson Kovach(tattoo artist), as well as of course the designers. Some people, like Clarence, were aware of the project all along while others, like Tennyson, were pulled on the day of. Pulling pieces was… a task. I emailed in favors and hit up alot of retailers. The pieces featured in this post are all from Atelier Minyon, a boutique that I hit up for pieces. They sadly couldn’t do it because of the distance so I was saddened. The pieces were still GORGEOUS though. I can’t wait till I can get my hands on them.

I don’t think you quite understand the detailing!!
Collection: Fall 2010
On a non-fashion front… in about 3 months school starts back. If you spoke to me within the past two weeks you may know that I was trying to decide whether or not I should return to the mountain. With the opportunities I was presented here in Columbia, in addition to the potential for the Columbia Fashion Industry, as well as the fact that I have to take out a loan to attend Sewanee this year… it would have been foolish of me to not at least consider not returning to the mountain. The plan was to transfer to Midland’s Technical College for the Fall Semester and then to the University of South Carolina for the Spring, and to finish out my schooling there. But after a while I decided to go to the mountain and bring fashion with me in a major way so.. just watch out for that.

Nor do you understand the urgency with which they need to be on my chest!
Collection: Fall 2010
One more thing… OH! I was going to keep this under wraps until I got actually published in the publication BUT they tweeted about it already! Anyway I now have affiliations with Wink Magazine based here in Columbia, SC. I will not be revealing the extent of my involvement and hopefully they will not be tweeting about it until the issue comes out. I’ve been trying this new thing where I don’t blab about all my hopes, dreams, and projects. I just want to speak with the people can advise or make them happen, and for everyone else it will be a surprise.