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USC Fashion Week Show

Models backstage in Laura McCall’s pieces
photo by Keri Goff/The Daily Gamecock

Hey guys I’m so sorry it took me soo long to get this video and coverage up but things have been hectic. Last Thursday was USC Fashion Week’s show. Fashion Board put on the show which is held annually in 701 Whaley. There were 8 retailers from Columbia including Britton’s, LaRoque, Coplon’s, Just The Thing, M Boutique, VanJean, DeLibel, and Bohemian. The featured student designer was Laura McCall(see the Tumblr for our review).

There were alot of people from the local fashion set like Jai Marshall of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion, Anne Postic of The Shop Tart, Cori Hanky of Garnet and Black, Dwaun Sellers of The Shopping Savage, Tracie Broom of Flock and Rally, Keisha Moore of UK Models, Alana Britt of Alana B Couture, as well as those involved in Fashion Board like Marquis Bias and Ashleigh Armstrong.


Photos by Keri Goff/The Daily Gamecock

Other Retailers

Photos by Clarence Jackson


Photographer: Clarence Jackson
Stylist: Mikelle Street
Model: MoniQue La’Belle
Make-Up: Keisha Moore

The first editorial that 803 Markese Street receives first because we were involved is finally here. After weeks of preparation, and then execution, and then finally follow up, Fixate has finally arrived. Created utilizing resources mostly from South Carolina, I’d like to just say that I’m ecstatic to finally see my name in print. Usually when I post editorials I attempt to study the editorial but I don’t feel entirely comfortable attempting to study an editorial I had a major hand in. So, what I’ve decided to do is to just relate my experience a little bit.

See the rest of the editorial complete with my experience below the clip

To tell the truth this editorial began with Clarence Jackson. He alerted me that a publication was taking submissions and that he wanted to submit something and would be interested in working together. After being given the theme I began conceptualizing shoots(the one picked actually was the second concept I had) and then pulling in contacts. While I actively searched for new contacts like Wendy Brandes, I did use alot of contacts that I already possessed like Alana Britt of Alana B. Couture. Unlike most editorials I didn’t go into the shoot knowing what looks I wanted to pull. I knew the general style but even that changed. I had resolved that because of such limited choices, I would see what I could pull and just construct my story from there.

For the team… well some of us knew about it the entire time, like Clarence and myself. Others, like Keisha Moore and MoniQue La’Belle, were pulled on as the process moved along. Tennyson Kovach though, a local artist and old high school friend, was pulled on the day of. It’s funny because you don’t really realize the importance of “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” until you’re put in the situation. It wasn’t about how creative I was, or what I could dream up. At the end of the day, when requested to incorporate something into the shoot, it helps so much more when you have the contacts to be able to arrange for it to be done.

The experience was amazing one. Everyone was so accommodating; from designers like Adrina Nelson of Adero by Adrina who basically allowed me to assist in the design of one of the pieces, to Tennyson who was on set after being given only a few hours notice. Of course I hope to do alot more shooting and progress with each shoot, and I just believed I’m really blessed to have had this experience be kind of like my first photoshoot that I contributed to in a major way.