RESORT: Proenza Schouler 2011

So if you are searching for an unbiased, levelheaded, dry, post about the Proenza Schouler Resort 2011 Collection… GO ELSEWHERE! Although I am not a bag carrying member of the PS Cult, I’m a card carrying member and one of the MANY fanatics who want sooo much to be in the in crowd. In my mind the duo, Lazaro Hernandez and Jack McCollough can do no wrong and the only thing that I may be partially upset with them with is that there isn’t a mens line. No matter though…don’t tell anyone I said this but if I get my hands on a piece… I might wear it no matter the intended sex.

See the rest of the GLORIOUS collection under the clip

I could never decide on what to call the Proenza Schouler style… never could find a name that I like for their aesthetic but after my first year in college… I’VE GOT IT! I don’t know if they’ve been called this before or if people will just shake their heads at me for saying it but the Proenza Schouler aesthetic is like an Art History major. No not an art major, but Art History. There’s a distinct difference between the two. An art major may create something like Le Lin Tiffany Tang created for her graduation show but, an Art History Major is the type of designer that incorporates the techniques more into the styling and coloring of the fabrics. Where have I heard this before… no where… It’s purely 803 Markese Street lingo 🙂

Models: Kate Kosushkina, Jacquelyn Jablonski, Fei Fei Sun