Fall 2010: Josephus Thimister

“I feel very peaceful and excited to be returning to couture week,” says Josephus Thimister after his 8 year hiatus from the fashion world, and decade break from couture. You may not recognize his name but you undoubtedly know of his work: Balenciaga circa late 1990’s as well as Karl Lagerfeld before that. Hailing from the Antwerp Fashion School(which gives us so many good names) Thimister has decided to present his Fall collection during the Spring/Summer showing. The collection, which has been ready since October, got it’s slot after the slot was vacated by Christian Lacroix(we must pause for the greats…)

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The theme is kind of evident. you can sense the violence and yet you can see the ornate qualities of the garments. This goes hand in hand with the theme he stated, “Bloodshed & Opulence”. I’m a sucker for jackets as you should know(and tailored ones make me DIE), and red is definitely a color that pops. Combine this together with an earthy green, and a few select knitwear peices and you get a wonderful collection.

Now as for him showing a fall collection… I APPLAUD Mr. Thimister. Do you want to know why? Because back in the day when the schedules were made, the average person didn’t have access to pictures from the shows until they came out in magazines… a year later. Well nowadays, as you can see… we have access, minutes after the show ends. So why show a collection, and build up demand for it… and then watch that demand die over time?? It makes no since so Josephus Thimister gets an A from me for doing it this way… oh and you too Alexis.