SPRING: Josep Abril 2011

Model: Linus Gustin
Label: Josep Abril
Collection: Summer/Spring 2011(Barcelona)

Paris, Milan, New York, and London are not the only fashion weeks that happen, and they by far aren’t the only weeks that I view images from. While the Fashion Four do deserve, and recieve alot of attention I find myself seeking out the weeks in other cities as well and recently have found that I like a collection that showed during the main weeks but slipped through the cracks. The Josep Abril collection was shown during Barcelona Fashion Week, and I found it because I was flipping through another show that I recieved some information on. I immediately gravitated towards Josep Abril because the collection , utilizing the colors red magenta, blue, and white, includes knitwear… for the Summer/Spring 2011 season. I’m not sure if I’ve admitted it to you all yet but, I love knitwear.

To be entirely honest I was a tad startled by the casting. As I flicked through the images I noticed a slightly feminine curve to one of the models and upon closer inspection realized that it was indeed a girl. A second runthrough of the looks revealed to me that yes indeed a few girls like Daniela Kocianova were sprinkled in with the guys who made up the line up including models like Jon Kortajarena, Jakob Hybholt, Clement Chaubernaud and Linus Gustin. Josep says this of casting females to walk in the show:

I wanted to cancel the divide between menswear and women’s clothes because it’s also a luxury for women to be able to dress in men’s clothes.

Josep Abril
After getting over that I began to take in the bold color and relaxed luxury of the collection. The knits, both heavy and light, seemed to create a very relaxed mood which surprisingly gelled well with the color pallette. Whereas red can sometimes be blaring or startling, the decision to use red magenta, toned it down just enough to give it a very relaxed and yet still relevant tone. Of course, the white is always a spring color for me and this was no different. It seemed to emphasize more of the simplicity of the collection while still retaining the same relaxed luxury held throughout.

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