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SPRING 2011: John Galliano

Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos by: Jak and Jil

When I saw this picture of backstage at the John Galliano Spring/Summer 2011 show from the Jak and Jil blog, I knew that no matter how long it had been since the actual show, I had to post. Had I already admitted to myself, the love for the show?? Yes! Had I professed it on Twitter… I’m almost positive, but I had to express it to the masses in extended for. So with the assistance of the first image from Jak and Jil, the next three from Sonny Photos, and the smaller ones from Style.com, let’s delve into this show and the greatness that it brought.

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Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos By: Sonny Photos
So I saw the collection the first time and truly I said oh Galliano you devil. I love it, but I just kept going. I didn’t post about it. And then when the Dior Couture show came and Mr. Galliano came out for his finale walk I kind of went insane. I LOVED it! Can I put my finger on particularly why? Maybe it was because within a matter of weeks we went from seeing it in a collection, in the conceptual mode to actually being worn in a more natural way. To tell the truth I wanted to rip the veiled boater off of Mr. Galliano’s head. I was ready to wear it to lunch. Actually I think that’s exactly the reason I loved it.

Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos By: Sonny Photos
The collection featured belted jackets and drop crotch pants. Whereas skinny legged pants were the style in seasons passed, it’s time to…. “let the boys breathe” if you will. And why not do it in the luxurious and glamourous pieces from the John Galliano collection. There’s always something about a Galliano collection that strikes me as glamorous! Well not just a Galliano collection, but a Galliano production. Maybe it’s the glitter tans and drawn on abs that inject a side of sex with the glamour, but whatever it is, that same aura is in this collection as well.

Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos By: Sonny Photos
Whether it’s a lush, luxurious haute couture women’s collection, or a a luxurious yet comfortable, and still relevant men’s collection John Galliano has an eye and hand for design… but who am I telling? His productions are astounding, his work for this collection is virtually impeccable… ugh… he must be a cousin right?
Collection: John Galliano SS 2011
Photos From: Style.com

COUTURE: Christian Dior F/W 2010/2011

Grandaddy Dior is FINALLY back! The last two collections were sooo ALIKE! They were so similar and I think I stated that. I was becoming very disenheartened with Grandaddy and John Galliano’s interpretation of his aesthetic. It seemed as if we were being given the same collection… just stuck back in the microwave. This collection, although it uses similar ingredients, DEFINITELY is new. Although the floral/gardener theme is still present, it is clear, that Galliano has again made Grandaddy relevant!

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I felt so passionate about this collection that even though I couldn’t just copy and paste the pictures I was determined to have them. Because of that I had to go through and by hand, screenshot each picture and upload it. Think that I complained while looking at these garments? The horse theme that had previously been surrounded by florals is gone, and is now replaced by the garden. Each model was apart of this garden, most dresses, flowers. We’ll UNDOUBTEDLY see more than a few hitting the red carpets in the upcoming seasons.
It’s really sad that I saw those gloves and it was decided. Those gloves were… the decision making tool. Heck, I would go gardening if I was given those gloves. Okay maybe I wouldn’t, but I would walk around town and pretend that I did. And the dress below… HEAVEN SENT. Even Galliano, who walked out in a veiled boater looked stunning… It has been confirmed, whereas we may have thought Givenchy’s decision to change the way they did couture was signaling the end of things, this collection begs to differ.

S/S 2010: Christian Dior

I love Granddaddy Dior as much as the next person but i have to be completely honest. The show had a variety of themes, Galliano sited “The Gibson Girl”, an equestrian leaning, as well as Charles James. That being said… I don’t see much different from the last Dior show. Maybe it’s just the Dior aesthetic combined with the fact that Mr. Galliano again held the show at the line’s headquarters… oh and the fact that the last show was staged with a backdrop of 4,000 roses and this year it was 3,000. Maybe it’s also the fact that lace was a major player in both collections and… so was the opulence of jewelry… They were very different collections… if you take out all the things I just said 🙂 I still love you though Granddad

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