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PRE-FALL: Sheer 2011

Labels: Givenchy, Jean Paul Gaultier, Temperly London, Yves Saint Laurent

We again look to Givenchy when we begin to discuss the sheer trend that has been prominent in collections for a few seasons now. Last season the blogs buzzed about Abbey Lee Kershaw‘s street style when she wore a sheer skirt, but the trend been popping up on runways since at the least Spring 2010. Finding the right way to wear the trend is sometimes tricky though, and while some don’t have the legs to bare, designers have been particularly focusing on sheer tops for the season that can be covered with a nice jacket or slipped over another shirt.
Ricardo Tisci is another Miuccia Prada with pushing the fashion industry. You may have read about Givenchy in the past few seasons for a variety of reasons, mainly because of his models: Lea T(a transexual), Stephen Thompson(an albino), or the amount of diverse models on the runway for his Fall 2011 menswear showing. While some say he doesn’t purely for press sake, the fact of the matter is, he’s the only major label, or sometimes just the first, to do it. Because in this industry relevance is key, it doesn’t matter who actually does something first, but it’s who you remember and Tisci sure does have a way of making us all remember.

COUTURE: Jean Paul Gaultier FW 2010/2011

Models: Karlie Kloss(Next), Jessica Stam(IMG), Emina Cunmulaj(Marilyn), Thana Kuhnen(Nathalie)
Collection: Jean Paul Gaultier F/W 2010/2011 in Paris
So Jean Paul Gaultier was at the least… sultry! Whereas it wasn’t the overt couture designs that I had hoped for, it seems that everyone is currently scaling back so I decided to take what I could get. Looks like Jessica Stam’s brought an instant smile to my face. Maybe it was because of the color, I’m not sure but all I know is that on instant sight, my pearly whites were showing. Looks like Karlie Kloss’s, who opened, were strong, feminine, and still sexy. Of course there were those looks that may not have been exactly wearable outside of costume event besides for women like Lady Gaga and Daphne Guiness, others like Thana Kuhnen had the right dash of glamour, but laid back approach that I LOVE!

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FALL 2010: Jean Paul Gaultier

Jean Paul Gaultier hails in the season with layers upon layers. One can envision the stylists pilfering through trunks from past family members to style the show. Well of course all of these family members were world trotters and one of these family members had a military tendency and found someway to bring a softness to the style, while the other went for a bohemian chic. A third, was all about the sweater and the various ways to dress it.
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JPG is a line that I’ve liked for a while and this newest collection only makes me love it. With touches of Eastern and African inspiration and the various other trends that run through the collection. The front row held names like Carine Roitfeld from Paris Vogue(apparently they weren’t blacklisted from JPG like they were from Balenciaga), Cathy Horyn from The New York Times’, and Michael Roberts from Vanity Fair
With names like Karlie Kloss, Sasha Pivovarova, and Coco Rocha the casting was full of big names. Diversity wasn’t a problem either with names like Sessilee Lopez, Rose Cordero, and Liu Wen. All of the girls had very strong looks, as any good runway model should and embodied the line well.

From what I’ve seen of the collection it’s a melting pot of alot of different cultures and tastes. Maybe because of the way our world is so rapidly globalizing, and it’s expressing how interconnected we’re all becoming, but whatever it still makes me a believer in mixing and matching.
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FALL 2010: Jean Paul Gaultier

Leather, violence, black, and boots are trends that rocked the Milan Menswear shows and it seems that either Paris got the same memo, or atleast Jean Paul Gaultier did. Sending his models out in wrestler’s garb complete with cuts and scrapes as if from a recent fight, JPG hit on yet another trend that is gaining traction; sportswear cum casualwear. Of course in saying this collection is just one chock full of trends, it still has it’s own individuality, and there are pieces that I would of course love to own.

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As you can see it’s about layering. It’s about layering the tight pants and muscle shirt with a bulky sweater, cardigan, or scarf, and a long thick bulky jacket. It’s about playing with proportions for the season. About finding what looks right on you and well… I’m all for that. They do all look to have a swimmers build to me though. Huge upper body with a smaller streamlined lower one… but maybe I’m reading into it too much.