So in addition to having fashion review blogs in my Google Reader I also have some people blogs. One of these people is JANET LEE KIM. She a Harvard graduate who has gone on to pursue her dreams in fashion. After studying under CHAMBRE SYNDICALE and working at BARKING IRONS (a label who’s post has been in edit for about a month now… I really am a slacker), she struck out on her own to begin GRAEY, with some financing by herself and her brother, Doug, who had just done very well in the 2006 World Series of Poker tournament. To my knowledge Janet is single-handedly running her entire business, from designing and maintaining her two blogs(the Graey blog and her personal) and website, to designing the clothing. From this has also emerged her side job of designing websites.The following designs are just a few that I liked from the line.This is a plain tank but the lacey design dresses it up. I like it, because it’s simplistic but at the same time it still has an individual quirk to it. It’s no longer a plain tank top.This corset-cum-tank rendition is again to me simplistic but aesthetically pleasing. Seeing it immediately makes me pull pieces in my mind’s eye to style it. Like most of her designs, the piece has geometric shapes, that are more than likely her signature.This picture and the next two are the pictures that spurred me to write this post though. The look is demure, elegant, and positively chic! I love the entire ensemble really. Oh wait, maybe not so much the shoes, but I’m still in love with the clothes bangles, and the pearls.Now this fuchsia kimono dress is a nod to her culture in material. I also love the way that there are the translucent cutouts on the sleeves and the fact that the ensemble isn’t a straight cut, giving it an added, kind of unexpected, shape. Again I think that the accessories are great with the look, I really like that gold bangle(hehehe).