Jam Session

So, it’s about 3AM and I really want to get this blog post over so I can… well I’m not going to lie, I’m probably not going to jump in the bed just yet but, I want to get it over.

Anyways, last night(a few hours ago) I hung out with my friend Jonathan Kittrell. I was uber-bored, and wanted a night on the town and ended up going to church service, where he gave the lesson. BTW, this was the youth service and it was ultra-lax with like couches, Rockband, Starbursts, and Marshmellow Shooters. It was just a very laid back feel and approach which kind of sets newcomers, like me, at ease. Back to the story. Anyways, he talked about basically not compromising, and also not allowing guilt to keep us from God. There was some glass shattering work being done, literally.

Anyways afterwards, I tagged along to Taco Bell and then to a Jam Session. I really had a good time. If you read my tweets, you’re already aware of this but, the name of the group is Kill Me a Bear(KMaB) and they are composed of a bassist, 2 guitar players, and a lead… screamer I guess. I know a few names but I don’t want to start naming and forget somebody. Anyways, umm they are all Columbia scene players and actually I knew some of them from Jonathan’s previous band Life After Death(Life AD).

There are distinct differences though. One, they pulled Jonny off the mic, and put him at what I believe is lead guitar, where he should be, so he can shine and not get nervous. He just gets so into the guitar I think, he blocks all else out. Anyways, they pulled a Life AD guitarist from the guitar and put him at lead… vocalist maybe? I knew he couldn’t sing so when he grabbed the mic I was like… uhhm cover my ears? Then he started to scream and I had to admit, it was not bad! The guy who I think is 2nd guitar also basically does like back up vocals, and they are nice. I actually like the way they blend with Justin’s screaming and the playing. Bassist wasn’t present(Jesse), and the band’s still looking for a drummer.

There was this one guy who was playing on drums for the session though, and my friend Warren MacDonald had bass. Drummer was decent, but I really couldn’t tell if he was amazing because he had to play with basically a band who’d been playing together for… atleast 2 years. He was kind of trying to follow their lead for a while, then he kind of tried to take lead, and… it was really a tad distracting. Anyways, I picked up the drum sticks a bit, and so did Jonny, who found out he can play(thanks to RockBand). Enough of me writing, on to the pictures.

And heeeeerrrreeee’s Jonny!!! Behind him is 2nd guitar.

Mustard colored shorts is Justin, and the tall lanky guy is the resident dancer! Back in the corner is the drummer!!

Big man in the back is Warren on the Bass and the other guy is another bystander.

Oh, and let’s see the place with the lights out!!!

Yeahhhh boy!! Tha’s the dancer in the white tee.

I can’t really tell what this is!


Nite kids!!!