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SPRING: Petar Petrov 2011

Model: Linus Gustin
Label: Petar Petrov
Season: Spring/Summer 2011

If you follow me on Twitter then you already knew that this was coming. I mean I did warn you by saying “I think that if I lived in Paris I’d try to live the Spring/Summer of 2011 in all Petar Petrov… I’m just saying”. I wasn’t just rambling as I frequently do on Twitter, no I was making a very probable statement. If I were in Paris I’d try to outfit myself in a very simplistic, light, and yet appropriate wardrobe and with the Petar Petrov Spring/Summer 2011 collection, that’s what I’m presented with.

For this collection Petar Petrov, Bulgarian by birth, brings us a light, yet classic menswear collection. While I was a tad puzzled by smiling models on the catwalk, I couldn’t deny the effortless simplicity held within the design. Even the shoe, which reminded me of a leather version of the velvet slippers that have become so popular, spoke to simplicity. The colour palette, ranging from off white to a burgundy, and including light green as well as indigo, evoked a feeling of spring in and of themself, without considering the relaxed quality of the treated cotton fabrics.
While pieces were indeed classic, the styling of the pieces was not as common. Blazers with a crew neck, and sometimes even sans shirt were sent down the runway. Cropped shirts, also made their way onto the floor, at times layered above a crew neck, and at others, just brushing bare skin. The fall of the garments signify comfort as even the denim seems to have some considerable give in it and was paired with everything from what appears to be a sweat shirt, to a blazer, show it’s versatility.
The collection ended to me as a classic menswear collection applied to a slightly new taste palette. With pieces that are interchangeable and a color palette that encourages that it seems to be an entire wardrobe for the season. I only have one question though… are the shoes included??

See the rest of the collection in the galleries.

Open: Adnan Djinovic
Closed: Adnan Djinovic


Notes of Love

La Parola Amore Esiste Editorial
Model: Simon Nessman
Photographer: Emilio Tini
Publication: The Room

I saw this editorial entitled La Parola Amore Esiste(Notes of Love) and I immediately had to post it. Why, I’m not exactly positive. There’s not much that I want to talk about with it. I just saw fashion and appreciated it for what it was. I mean I saw Simon Nessman for the opener, and he’s one of my favorite male models and then there’s Evandro Soldati, and although he’s not a fave, I still like him as a model. Marcel Castenmiller and Jacob Coupe are faces that I recognized as well. It’s a lovely fall editorial, each image beautiful in it’s own right and able to stand alone… sort of like a good art series would. Why don’t you take a while and peruse the selection.

Models:Adrien Sahores, AJ Abualrub, Anu Koski, Benoni Loos, Evandro Soldati, Jacob Coupe, Jakob Wiechmann, James Smith, Lea T. Marcel Castenmiller, Mathias Bergh, Naty Chabanenko, Nikola Jovanovic, Ryan Kennedy, Simon Nessman, Will Lewis, William Eustace
Photographer: Emilio Tini
Fashion Editor: Emil Rebek
Publication: The Room