W 2009: The Fashion Issue with KATE MOSS

So, kidz we got about forty five minutes, and two posts to do so let’s get through this, Both of these posts have to do with the September 2009 Fashion Issue of W magazine… YIPPERS!

So I’m here at college and guess what… we have SCANNERS! Do you know what that means??? From now on when I want to show you guys something that I’ve found in print, not on one of the blogs, I can just can it in!! That also means I’m going to save alot of time trying to find something online that I already have tangibly.

Anyways, onto the issue!!! KATE MOSS covered this issue of W, and I love the glamour shot of her. It’s pretty nice, I just don’t like what she’s doing with her mouth. Makes her look like she has chicklets for teeth a little bit.

Now that we’ve done that we get to go into the POSH FOUR! Yes, like always I’ve picked four things to write about, but because the magazine is so huge I’ve divvied it up. I’ll do four ads I like and then on another post I’ll do four pictures from the editorial I liked the most. Onto the ads though!!

I’ve seen this ad before, it was all over my google reader. What I did not notice, though when i glaced at it on the computer, was the necklace. I DIE!!! (Sorry Rachel, I had to steel the term) I love the entire ad, but trends are large accessories, and gray. I love both. Oh, and I know you see my sticky notes and those will more than likely accompany scans. Just notes for myself but now I can share them with you guys!

I saw this ad and my breath stopped. I LOVE that coat! The colar, and teh use of textures and color, It’s insane in my opinion. Yeah yeah yeah, blame it on my fascination with jackets but tell me it’s ugly. Well it really doesn’t matter if you do because I still like it. A trend here is indeed texture. You want texture this season ladies! Look back up at the MICHAEL KORS dress… more texture!!!

No lie, I normally don’t like JUICY COUTURE that I see on the streets, but I normally ALWAYS love their ads! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of the modern day debutante!!! Those stilletto boots kill, that jacket, AMAHZING!!!O hand the dress on your right… freaking lovely!