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MOOD: Color on the Rack

So this is the first time I’ve ever made a blog post like this but I felt like trying out something new. The board is sort of crude and very messy but I think it still does what I wanted it to. With everything going on in my life I can’t seem tot get this idea out of my head. These are some images I decided to use to exemplify my thought process. Maybe it’ll be inspirational to someone else, maybe I’ll never do a post like this again in my life… who knows?
Are you not feeling colour,Stefano?

Anna Wintour in The September Issue

LookBook Image
Label: LaRoque
Collection: Spring 2011

Runway Image
Label: Topshop Unique
Collection: Spring 2011

Runway Image
Label: Dior Couture
Collection: Fall 2010

Yuri Pleskun



Jay-Z Special
OWN Network

I’ve always been one to believe that success can be replicated. I think it can be studied, pertinent principles can be extracted and then reapplied in a variety of circumstances and one will again arrive at success. Because of that I frequently watch stories about or involving successful people. I’m not going to lie and say that I know everything about Oprah, because I don’t(I actually don’t think I’ve ever watched an entire episode of her show) but I will say that when I saw the video I jumped at the chance to watch her excel, once again, and even get into the head of another very successful person, Jay-Z.



I Love Lucy is Tom Ford’s Inspiration

Peek-a-boo, I see you.

I live for spring fashions, it allows serious expression of ones personality and allows risks to be taken as far as showing skin on a daily basis, besides who wants to be covered in clothes as the temperatures start to heat up? Of course about 60 years ago you couldn’t tell but since then things have changed…

Showing skin has always caused an up roar, even if its just from your basic jeans shorts, but what happens when designers get a hold of the idea and put their own twist on it?

Michael Kors, is the American dream and with this piece he wants you to be the American “fantasy”.

Every time I look at this I can’t help but thing that this was “GaGa” inspired, she’s the only one I can picture wearing this. Anyways, Marc did an amazing job at bringing every peek-a-boo element into one piece, even the shoes.

Yes, can you say simply elegant with the stencil effect? Marchesa is all about vintage and Asian influence but this one…I’m lost for words. Truly a work of art.

The trends on the runway are always a perfect time to see how designers think differently, it’s amazing how all of their minds think alike but yet so differently, an inspiration to stand out no matter the similarities. Spring time is about showing a little skin, a tease before the summer and fashion is simply about taking risks and of course standing out. Take advantage of both, you’ll be surprised at what you may come up with, who said a little peek-a-boo would ever hurt anybody?

Images provided by NBCNewYork.com

Written by Courtney