SS11: Hermes

Relaxed, light, supple, fresh. Those are all the terms that came time mind as I went through the Hermes summer/spring 2011 collection. Maybe it was the white, or just the relaxed nature of the cardigans, open shirts, and just the movement of the garments in general, I don’t know. I felt that minty taste in my mouth after viewing the collection, like I’d just been cleansed, I’d just been refreshed, and all from scanning the looks.

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Color is used, but again it’s used sparingly. I believe I can detect another elephant trunk leg usage but this time it’s not as evident. Whereas Raf Simons utilized material that would make the leg evident, and in some cases some could even call it imposing, Veronique Nichanian over at Hermes made sure that even the leg was relaxed. And it’s funny that I don’t feel like it’s alot of lost material. It enhances the look.

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