EDITORIAL: Birds of a Feather

This newest editorial from Jesse Craig and styled by Elle Buggie was of interest to me because, well mainly because of the amazing clothes done by Golan Frydman, and the interesting photography. At some parts the pictures are clear and at others we see movement, much like in a picture of a hummingbird. Maybe I’m crazy but it’s my blog and I’m allowed to be a little crazy right? All of the pieces are from Frydman’s graduate collection, and I think it’s a pretty well executed collection. See Craig’s opinion after the break.

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For this series I was approached by designer Golan Frydman and stylist Elle Bugge about shooting Golan’s graduate collection. They had seen my photos of Kathleen Burbridge and thought it would be a good match. What got me on board was his impressive quality of craftsmanship and level of creative vision – all the lacework on the floor-length gown with the slit was hand painted with latex! For the models I cast Charlotte Benson and Kristine Drinke from Elite London because I got the sense that they both had the stoic intensity to carry the pieces.