VIDEO: Georgy Baratashvili

For London Fashion Week, Georgy Baratashvili, a Russian born fashion design who offers a “fresh take on contemporary menswear” showed this video. London as a whole is making large strides with incorporating video into fashion. Just take the 7th Man magazine for example. Even though the first issue hasn’t come out yet to my knowledge, the website for the magazine already says that it will lead the way in “Videotorials” or video editorials. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing a blog specifically about this magazine but right now I just want to talk about Baratashvili.
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Above is the rehearsal video for the performance. The choreography was done by Darja Reznikova. Darja is apart of the Transitions Dance Company now and was born in Ukraine. A dancer since the age of 6, Darja has received training in classical ballet and modern, both of which are evident in her choreography. She made it to London, after moving around between Germany and the US, to study Dance and Theatre at Bird College. Her choreography for this showing to me shows strength yet at the same time grace, and a softness that is not normally associated with male dancers. There’s a tenderness to this presentation that I believe at times stands out as a stark contrast to the clothing.

Baratashvili is known in some circles for his work with Puma, and in others for his latest work with layering in his own line. Utilizing leather and a variety of other materials, Baratashvili is quickly making a name for himself and fulfilling what he has claimed to be. He really and truly is giving a new take on contemporary men’s fashion. I love the entire artistic direction for this video. The choreography adds yet another layer atop the clothing. It’s just so much because they combine two of my favorite loves, and I can only hope that more designers will employ videos that utilize dancers who will really be able to showcase the garments in motion.