Memories: After School Special Fashion Show

So… I’m in my Google Reader glancing around and I see this picture that instantly reminds me of After School Special, the fashion show I put on at school.

For the show, I went to GAP and got clothes from there to put on the models. One of the models, my friend, Jonathan Kittrell, did not show up for the fitting, but I had his sizes so I put something together for him anyway. CHRIS AUSTAD here, photographed by ARNALDO ANAYA-LUCCA for GERMAN GQ is wearing a hoodie very similar to one I layered for Jonathan.

I put the hoodie on Jonny because of the fact that I was absolutely in love with it! I loved the material and the fact that it was a hoodie!!! As a matter of fact there were a couple of hoodies on the guys in the show. No, none of them were open like this though, because well, it was a high school show, and only about 3 of them would have even been able to pull the look off. Anyway, Jonny, and all the other models did exceptionally well, and I guess that you can say that was my first experience in the fashion industry. I worked along side stores in my area to put on an event that in my opnion went relatively well, all things considered.