So, flipping through my Google Reader a few hours ago to find a post that made me scream!!! After the scream I IMMEDIATELY called Simone, the bestie to discuss my find while hitting up YouTube to see an audition vid!!!

Let’s give you some background. America’s Best Dance Crew IS THE ONLY SHOW OF IT’S KIND! Albeit it did kind of fall off and I really would like them to do the show in a different manner, that’s another post entirely, let’s just say for the record that for the first… maybe two seasons I liked the show. Anyways, fast forward to now…

Here’s me, with no cable but full access to the internet. Because of this I’ve been keeping track of other dance crews outside of ABDC by way of YouTube(you can find a few up on the sidebar) and their blogs. I’ve even subscribed to a blog that keeps me up to date on East Coast Dance Crews and what’s happening. (Really it’s North East Coast but they won’t admit it!) Now to why I screamed.

PD_Style posted on their blog about the EC(East Coast) crews being represented in the upcoming ABDC.. I’m like scan scan scan FR3SH scan scan scan… wait what FR3SH!!!!!! This is what I read:

FR3SH (Matawan, NJ) – With a unique blend of jazz and funk, Fr3sh infuses a sense of humor into their choreography and compare themselves to the movie “The Breakfast Club,” priding themselves on being rowdy and rebellious. Their mix of sarcasm, humor, cockiness and raw talent could take them all the way to the top.

This has been FR3SH’s third time to audition for ABDC, and as third time’s the charm, they’ve made it! Of all the NJ teams that have auditioned in the past seasons, there is no doubt that majority appeal has always wished FR3SH to represent their homestate on the show. All they’ve accomplished since the beginning has lead to their biggest break yet. Lets hope they rep NJ to the fullest, NJ ALL DAY

I am in love with the FR3SH FAM and The Main Event, a competition they put on. They inspire me to dance, and actually they are one of the two companies I am considering auditioning for if they are still around… when I get the chance to audition. Anyways, so yeah, STOKED about that info, and I’m like next team…. RYTHM CITY!! Mental Rolodex says The Main Event first place winner. I have that video on my laptop and have watched it MULTIPLE TIMES!! Here’s the bio:

RHYTHM CITY (Bronx, NY) – Struggling on the streets of the Bronx with little to no familial support gave Rhythm City no other option than to stick together, and they intend to use their original style from the Bronx – “the birthplace of hip-hop” – as a secret weapon. The crew has placed highly in an array of dance competitions including Invasion, Blazin’ the Stage, The Main Event, Switzerland’s Dance 2 Dance and, most recently, they won first place at Culture Shock EDC. From living in foster homes to surviving abuse, exposure to life on the streets has taken its toll on each member. As a result, crew leader Alonzo Williams created Rhythm City, a nonprofit organization dedicated to getting kids off the streets and involved in dance.

Rhythm City has been in existance for awhile in the NYC area, but it is only this year that they’ve blown up in the NJ and D.C. scene with their first place wins from the Fr3sh Dance Company’s MAIN EVENT, Team Millennia’s PRELUDE EC, and Culture Shock D.C.’s East Coast Dance Competition (previously known as bustagroove). This has been their 2nd time (or third time?) auditioning for ABDC. Their raw and energetic appeal has made us think twice about what dance really is and what performing is all about. Everyone on the East Coast has your support Rhythm City, so do it big!

The last team up I’d never heard of but I read one thing and I’m pretty sure I screamed VOGUE!! Then I scrolled down to see Leiyomi and was OVA HUNNEY OVA!! Whereas I was NOT aware that Leiyomi had changed from Mizrahi to McQueen I was still ready to watch them WEEEEERRRRRKKKKK the floor! I was… dissapointed. I wanted to see 10’s across the board and I saw… like 5’s maybe!
Here’s the bio.

Vogue evolution, as the name suggests will be the first vogue styled crew to make it onto ABDC season 4. Of course what better crew to represent the house dance style of vogue than an east coast crew that helped establish the underground vogue scene. The Group members are Malachi Allure, DaShaun Evisu, Pony Zion, the Amazing Prince Milan, and the Spectacular and Marvellous Leyomi McQueen (Former Mizrahi). If any of you are real dancers, then you know that this dance and culture is serious business and is only appreciated by the truest of dancers. “Vogue Evolution will be all kindsa drama that America will love. By the end of season 4, the word ‘Woooorrrk’ will mean much more than that part time job.” — Annonymous

So yes.. that’s what I’ve found I’m looking forward to it. Let’s do a quick bottom line on everybody

FR3SH is my team!! I love them and all but I’m not sure if their work will transfer to mass audience.. as in for people who aren’t dance lovers, but people who love entertainment!

RYTHM CITY I think they’ll do well! They are alot of entertainment, and dance,and while I’m not sure if they’ll win, I think they’ll do decently.

VOGUE EVOLUTION while I am ecstatic that there are voguers being represented… this is not the team to do it. Yeah I think they got legends in there but just take a gander at the audition, they aren’t together. It looks like they threw voguers in a group and was like NOW GAG!


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