SHOW PACKAGE: Ford Brazil Men SS11

So, as we gear up for the Mens’ Fashion Weeks the show packages are surfacing more and more. I’ve been holding on to this one as well and have only just posted it. Ford is no doubt one of my favorite “mainstream” agencies(I’m not sure if I should say mainstream or major), and so I’m ecstatic to be able to see the roster for the upcoming seasons. Whereas the only models of color I spot are Brazilian, I find myself not surprised and only mildly disappointed. So is the diversity problem one on the agency’s hands?

See the show package below the clip

Whereas I won’t lie and say I love every face on the roster(there’s just this thing about Jesus Luz that leaves a bad taste in my mouth) I won’t deny that it’s an amazing one. Some of the photos are from the newly debuted Made In Brazil magazine, and I’m excited to see that the publication has been embraced heartily by the industry. I follow the accompanying blog and if I could would purchase a subscription to the magazine… sadly though, I operate on a college student’s budget so international magazines are a tad out of my reach. Anyway I’m excited to see who gets cast this season.