PERSONAL: Fusion Bowl


After a long show season I think it’s only right to treat yourself to a little meal. Well treat yourself is always relative, as my mother treated me(entirely her idea actually, although she never considered show season the reason). But anywho, mom called and I slid into a flannel, jeans, and a leather to tip out to Fusion Bowl where the music was oh so right.

“I am not Jasmine I am Aladdin”

Jasmine Tea– So with my meal I ordered a bit of Jasmine Tea. Came in a cute little pot with a cute little matching cup and I was only surprised that the water didn’t seem to be as hot as it should. The water was the same temperature that I would drink hot tea at, meaning that by the time I allowed the leaves to steep, poured it, and added my honey it was lukewarm… by the second cup it was tepid at best. Sadly, that seamed to be a theme of the night.

Miso Soup– I chose a little Miso Soup to start off with. I’d never had it before but I’m always up for something new. A little tofu, mixed with miso soup paste, seaweed, green onions, and scallions and it was certainly a healthy number. Not too hot, again just the right eating temperature when it reached me, which meant that by the time I was halfway done with the bowl, I could lift it and comfortable drink the rest… which I refrained from doing(till I reached too low for the spoon to scoop).

Main Course– For my main course I had Fusion Bowl Sushi, Seaweed Salad, Fried Rice, and Hibachi Chicken. While I forgot about the picture until I was mostly done with the meal I will not forget my impression. Sushi- good, Salad-I’ve only had seaweed salad twice before and it didn’t have lettuce with it, and certainly not brown lettuce. Fried Rice- not many ways to mess that up. Hibachi Chicken- while it was a tad on the dry side, I did like the baby corn and mushrooms that were cooked with it.

For $9.95 the meal was a good deal(early bird special til 6:30). While it most certainly wasn’t the best I ever had, it was good for the price we paid.

5166 Sunset Blvd
Lexington, SC 29072