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Frame of Mind Trunk Show

A few of the frames from Monoqool at FOM. More photos by Mikelle Street

So last week, not too long after the Mast Store opening, I popped into one of my favorite little shops on Main Street: Frame of Mind eyewear Boutique. Mark Plessinger, the owner, is a really artistic guy with vision and the dedication to see his vision through. Sadly the latter isn’t found in Columbia much.
Anyway, Mark hosted a midweek trunk show showing some of the latest wares from Monoqool, Derapage, Crowbae, Mainhattan and Eight Below Zero, all brands that are only sold in boutiques. There was a representative from Studio Optix there, Jack Erker, who gave me a quick run through on some of the brands and what makes them different, the most interesting of which happen to be the frames made from Mongolian Ram and African Bull horn. Erker was recently also in Huntington Beach and a few other places doing trunk shows.

Frames made out of ram and bull horn at FOM. More photos by Mikelle Street.

A few tidbits:

  • Monoqool- The frames made by Monoqool utilize a patented spiral instead of screws to connect the arms. Another bit I found interesting was the fact that some of the clear frames are actually like transitions lenses. Instead of the actual lenses changing with sunlight, the frames change.
  • Derapage- The Derapage frames also have a signature which is the layered technique. Formed from sheets of steel, the brand has it’s roots in automobiles as the factor which manufactures them is a 3rd generation race car factory in Italy. Some of the newer frames are made from Italian acetate, which is one of the strongest plastics out.
  • Crowbae and Eight Below Zero- Both of these lines are composed of frames made from animal horn, african bull and mongolian ram respectively. Because they are made of actual animal horns, there are no pair of frames that are exactly the same. The frames are all being manufactured in France, and have been made from these animals for the last 4 years. Erker also said that the horns are from animals who’ve all died from “natural deaths.”
Tonight, Frame of Mind will be also hosting another event, but this time for First Thursdays.
DR and Kelsey Granger’s work will be on display!!
Make sure to attend!

Mast Store Opens on Columbia’s Main Street

Mast Store opens on Main Street. More photos by Mikelle Street

So last week I went to the ribbon cutting of Mast General Store‘s 8th location which was at 1601 Main Street. The store is being touted as retail’s return to Main Street as well as a revitalization of a troubled corridor. The effort joins many artistic endeavors already in motion like First Thursdays and makes sure to reinforce the historic feeling that downtown Columbia is known. The building itself was restored to it’s 1927 condition.

Mast Store carries “lifestyle clothing” as well as gifts and candy. More photos by Mikelle Street

While I could go all political right now(which I actually did and deleted) about how Main Street is supposed to be being revitalized and some of the things I see that need to be redone I won’t. What I will do though, is say that Mast Store had over 500 different types of “old fashioned candies” to be bought by the pound. Of course some of the people just grabbed a few of the pieces of candy that were single wrapped for “testing”(which was totally allowed) but I refrained. The two story building was relaxed and comfortable with gifts, colorful t-shirts and outdoor/comfortable gear accompanying the candy. Patagona, Northface, TVA, and Choco are among the brands stocked.

This Thursday(today) Mast Store will be participating in it’s first First Thursday as a part of it’s Grand Opening Celebration. There will be Drawings, informative seminars and old-fashioned fun from today through Sunday(June 5th).
Hope to see you there as I’ll be dropping by.

EVENT: First Thursdays-February 2011

Last night I made my way out to Main Street and attended the February 2011 edition of First Thursdays. While I did snap a few images and video clips with my phone, I also was able to snag a photographer from the newspaper for the article I did, and I may be able to get some better images from her(she took the video below).
Starting off at Gotham Bagel, the night was very interesting. At Gotham, the Next Door Drummers played tribal like music spurring some Tribe SK members to dance for us. In addition to them, a few others started dancing along with the hula-hoopers. Throughout the night, I felt a sort of celebratory mood. While the crowd was a tad older than me, I didn’t feel wholly uncomfortable. I look forward to the next and would like to thank Mark Plessinger of Frame of Mind for starting such an event.

From Mark Plessinger

My videos:

UPCOMING: First Thursdays on Main

Title: Better Together Than Part
Artist: Amanda Ladymon
Location: Tapps Building on Main St.

In addition to loving fashion I’m an avid lover of art. I’ve been talking about First Thursdays for a while now but it’s only now that I find myself with the time and the ability to make it out(well for my second time).
Today though, I took a stroll down Main Street, and stopped in to talk with a few people while snapping a few images. I was so excited about the things I found out, I felt the need to let you guys in on the schedule of events.

  • Frame of Mind– Mark Plessinger, the owner of Frame of Mind and the father of First Thursdays, will be showing photography by Molly Harrell. The show involves 3 parts as well as a short film and a book. Jewelry from Caroline Harrell will be on display, and in light of Valentines Day Gervais and Vine will provide wine and chocolate. (Facebook)
  • Anastasia & FRIENDS – Planned to be the largest group exhibition ever held in the space, “Love: A Fair” will feature work from Eileen Blyth, Matthew Kramer, Anastasia Chernoff, Roger Reed, David West, and many more. The artists will show their takes on love while Cabo Fresh Taco will provide food, as well as Joseph Vernon, owner of “It’s a Chocolate Shop”.(Facebook)
  • S&S Art Supply– A showing based on exploration of memory and memory loss, “Anamnesis”: Abstract Works, is composed of large-scale oil paintings and prints. All of the work was done by USC 2nd year graduate student Allison Broome.(Facebook)
  • Gotham Bagel– Currently a shuttered business, Gotham Bagel will host The Busking Project which is a fundraiser/art sale that will benefit students planning to travel around Europe documenting street performances. Inside of Gotham, viewers will be see various performance artists like Jim Hadley(self-taught, one-man-band), Next Door Drummers(African drum troupe), and Carley Haberkorn(a hula-hooper).
  • Tapps Art Center ProjectThe Tapps building will still be open featuring work by Amanda Ladymon, Kara Gunter, Jamie Blackburn, Susan Lenz, Keith Tolen, Matthew John and more. The images below are from the window displays.

Kara Gunter
Jamie Blackburn
Keith Tolen
Matthew John
source | press release