Man2Man Boxing Event

Last Sunday I went out to the Man2Man event at Fight Club University. The event was the first event benefiting the Man2Man program for “at-risk” youth. I’d never actually been to a sanctioned boxing match, so the eight that I saw that night proved to be a new expereince, and one that I wouldn’t mind repeating.
It seemed like there was curse on the blue corner. As the night progressed, winner after winner emerged from the red corner. Throughout the eight sanctioned fights, two resulted in coaches “throwing in the towel”. One of the boxers seemed to not even be able to stay on his feet as hit after hit landed him on his backside, laid out on the canvas. Ages varied but seemed to include mostly high school/college aged fighters but there were a few of the exceptionally young. One such boxer quickly gained the crowd’s favor after preservering though his match and even giving a little energetic foot work. Sorry, he ended up losing his bout.

If you’re interested, make sure to go out to the next Man2Man event on July 16th.

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