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SPRING: Fernando Frisoni

label Fernando Frisoni
season Spring/Summer 2011/2012 at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week

In most of the collections that I’ve seen from Australia Fashion Week, there’s been this sort of soft or light quality. I don’t really find this in the Fernando Frisoni collection. A label that isn’t new to me, Fernando Frisoni presents a collection with a color palette of whites, blacks, and a metallic gold. Only offering up a hand full of menswear looks this season, Frisoni seems to create long lasting pieces including a pair of shorts ere, an interesting dress there, in colors that will stand the test of time. While there was something about the pockets that bothered me, the collection as a whole, the man skirt to be more specific, pleased me and made clear that Frisoni was no newbie.
Prior to design, Frisoni was a writer and a stylist. He launched his label in 2008 and added womenswear two years later. His aesthetic for classicism has been present throughout his time as a designer.
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CAMPAIGN: Fernando Frisoni AW 2010

This was hard… it was the hardest one in a looong time! I saw one picture from the campaign and I knew, I just KNEW that I’d have to post about it so I starred it and went to the next post. Now when I started to create the post I thought, that’s alot of pictures, I’ll just divvy it up into men’s and women’s and it should be easy. I have found that it wasn’t. I love EVERY picture of the editorial and I feel like it’s a disservice to only show four but… that’s the precedent that I have set.

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This is only Frisoni’s SECOND womenswear season and he is by FAR starting off on the right foot. By setting a precedent of using only luxury fabrics, he already has distanced himself from some of the pack and by creating beautiful garments with these fabrics, he only makes the gap wider.

Maybe it’s the juxtapositions that get me, the fabric that looks as if paint has been splattered on it next to solid, blocks of fabric, the shiny of the strong shouldered cropped jacket with the somberness of the drop crotch, asymetrical pants. It could just be the eyes of the model, and how she has perfected the Tyra Banks smize. How she stares seemingly into ones soul, no matter what her hair is doing.

Whatever it is… it’s clear that Frisoni’s got me!

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