CFDA Town Meeting: The Fate of the Fashion Show

New York Fashion Week not valid anymore? I was insulted, appalled and just down right amazed that something would even be discussed among fashion industry executives. As I began to read the articles though, I began to understand.

The thing is that the designers over at the CFDA are not seeing the benefits with showing their designs in the conventional shows. They show their clothing and within the week(sometimes the day) the pictures have rocked the blogosphere before even the major websites like Style and WWD have them for review. This means that trends get confused, and people take inspiration from these future shows. What is on the racks now is old and out of style because we’ve already seen next year’s fashions and that’s what we want!

Also fashions change at the drop of the hat because of style blogs like The Sartorialist that broadcast styles all over the world. One trend catches fire and oxford heels morph to oxford flats! Stores have to restock their shelves quickly to stay in popularity! These are just a few problems.

There are many ideas about solving the problem but I have one that I want to throw into the mix. Why don’t we have two types of fashion weeks. WAIT WAIT DON’T KILL ME YET DESIGNERS… just listen.

Okay have one fashion week that is for the industry only. It’s like ultra exclusive kind of like Hong Kong Luxury Week. Like maybe the only people who are admitted are people who are members of a council… kind of like CFDA. This means the shows would be low budget. You would need to pay for models of course but you could have a central small location and just show your garments. It could even like a show room show. The thing is, it’s only for the fashion industry and the pictures don’t come out. The reason is, this week follows the present fashion schedule of being a year and a season ahead of time. The second type of week would not.

The second type of week would only be a season ahead of time and would be open basically to other people. This would include bloggers, and other journalists who had not reached CFDA status. Also this would allow more general public access to shows because the serious industry top tier would not have to be present. These shows would be conducted like the present shows with fan fare, press, and everything else.

Now let’s see the effects, now trends are not confused because well, we don’t have a year and a season lapse between show and the time the clothes go out. Also designers can personalize the shows so for the fashion executives they really get a sense of the clothing, they get up close and personal whereas for everyone else it is just that, a show. You see clothing, and an amazing show, they are intent on developing the mood and the right scene and would be like I said before very much like the present shows.

I’m a lover of shows so I can never see myself totally phasing them out. If someone declares they are not “in” anymore, when I make it big… I guess I’ll just have to be vintage because I know I’ll want them back! I got to go now though… work in the morning.

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