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PRE-FALL: 3.1 Phillip Lim

model Victoire Mac-Dauxerre
label 3.1 Phillip Lim
season Pre-Fall 2011

Phillip Lim is known for his effortless cool. More importantly 3.1 Phillip Lim is known for being affordably cool at the same time. Presenting a pre-fall 2011 collection that is the epitome of simplistic elegance and femininity, Lim progresses with his wildly successful business. 40 looks strong, the collection pushes forward a rich color palette of navy blues and cognac as well as the cremes, tans, browns, and grays that we’ve come to know Lim for. While the collection does feature a few season trends like draping, leather, and sheer, the voice is in no way lost.

source | style, bof


Fashion Designer Andre Kim dies at the age 74

It’s a huge shock to the fashion world, Korea’s renowned fashion designer Andre Kim passed away on Thursday evening (Korean time) at Seoul National University Hospital.
Born Kim Bong-nam, the son of a farmer Andre Kim died at the age of 75 (Korean age they add a year) dude to complications from pneumonia. He became the country’s first male fashion designer in 1962 by establishing “Salon Andre” at the age of 17. He also became the first Korean designer to hold a fashion show in Paris and went on to hold many international shows through the years from New York to Cairo.
Andre Kim was best known for his evening and wedding gown collections as well as combining classical designs with futuristic elements which were favored by many Korean actors and singers like Lee JunKi, f(x), Super Junior’s Siwon and many others as well as international stars including the late Michael Jackson.
Kim never married, but leaves behind an adopted son.
I myself am currently in a state of shock I was just planning on making a post about him this week, I didn’t think this would be is. He was truly one of a kind and will be missed.
Here’s some pictures of his designs. I might make another post dedicated to his creations.








PERSONAL: Coffee with the Court

Look from Dior Couture F/W 2010/2011
If you can’t guess what the theme was about… there’s no hope

Soo… I had a small night out with a Duke and Duchess of the Columbia fashion court, Marquis Bias and Ashleigh Armstrong. It was fun times fun times but I want to talk about a few other things first.

So first thing… last week I was involved with two photoshoots. After a series of unfortunate events I struck out on my own and began dreaming up the universe, and how to translate it to fabric so I could do something with it to progress my fashion career. The first look I decided to send down the runway was that of model coach. I think I did really well with teaching the model how to walk. She has a decent runway walk now, and I would be remiss if I didn’t say I was a proud runway coach… the test shoot… we weren’t so pleased with although much of it was on my part. The photographer was great but I didn’t pick the greatest lighting conditions.

Look from Dior Couture F/W 2010/2011
“If you see me in the street with cellophane on my head and tell me I’m trying to be Gaga I will call you ignorant and uninformed”

The second photoshoot was bigger… but was STUNNING! Uhm 5 looks, 5 locations, one model… one photographer, one MUA, two designers, one boutique owner and four pairs of heels staring back at me that can’t be returned.(if anyone is size 8 1/2 to 9 and is in need of heels… CONTACT ME NOW!!) I feel like the photoshoot went well, really the only novice involved was moi. I hopefully didn’t make it look that way though. I feel that I contributed but then again… I’m kind of biased. I did see some of the raw images though… HAWT!

Other than that though I’ve been doing alot of grunt work, behind the scenes stuff for those projects and others. My enrollment status for next year is in question but it should work out soon enough. But let’s get on to tonight with the Duke and Duchess.

Necklace: Isabella Wolf Fang by Wendy Brandes
Sweater: Izod Lacoste

So, of course it’s Sunday so I didn’t expect to be doing much, but I got a sudden itch to do something, see someone, and preferably someone of the fashion species… After a few tweets I decided to run over to Starbucks to crash Marquis and Ashleigh’s work hub… ohkay that’s not what I actually meant to do but that’s what happened :/ sawwy. I threw on my new Lacoste sweater(ugh LOVE IT) along with a few necklaces around my wrist, and my sweats. For the last piece I slung the Silver Isabella Wolf Fang around my neck from Wendy Brandes(sssshhhh!!! I was meeting local fashion royalty something had to set me apart from the bums). The piece is a little small to be a statement piece if you have alot going on with your top, but paired with a simple top, like a sweater, button up, or cardigan… it sort of sets things off.

Gloves from Dior Couture F/W 2010/2011
If only I can get my hands in a pair…

Anywho, I proceed down to 5 points and into Starbucks. After ordering an original doughnut(ohkay I will confess, the only reason I ordered it is because I didn’t feel right just walking in using their Wi-Fi and walking out…), I settled into a corner and began to work. Marquis was one one side of the shop and Ashleigh was on the other. I wasn’t sure how to strike up a convo, so other than a small wave to Marquis… I was at a loss. It didn’t take long though… we were soon all huddled around Ashleigh’s computer watching the Dior collection… UGH! Those gloves… and that hat… I’m going to have to borrow this one Rachel, I die!!

The night proceeded with us discussing a few things… a little business, but most of all kilts. Once we were kicked out of Starbucks(they didn’t really kick, just kind of nudged) we roamed USC’s campus. And then… we were unceremoniously chased to our cars by troves of roaches. Gotta love The South right?

Featured Piece:

Isabella Wolf-Fang Necklace
Designer: Wendy Brandes
Price: $550
Visit: www.wendybrandes.com

PERSONAL: Meeting Columbia Fashion Royalty

My accessories for the night

So if you follow my tweets, or keep up with blog posts here, you may have noticed that I kept mentioning a fashion show that I would be attending. Well I attended and I’m back to tell the tale 🙂 The picture above is one of me modeling what I love to take pictures of after going to events, my accessories. I do need to add to my accessory collection but… that’s griping for another day. Plus it’s late… and there are meetings and internships to complete in the morning. On to the Designer Debut Showcase put on by UK Models.

Goody Bag from Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

I was made of UK Models during my internship searching phase. Although I was offered an internship I turned it down in favor of the assortment I now have. [edited] I turned down the internship humbly and graciously in hopes of not burning bridges because I really respect the women behind the agency. Look what it’s gotten me… a goody bag! Oh wait do you know what that means?? Oh, I didn’t snap a picture of my front row seat with my name on it… sorry. (That means I was VIP for those not well versed in Fashion Show Seating 101)

The Goods inside the Bag from the Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

Anywho, down to the actual event. It was at the Marriott downtown. I ditched the $10 valet in favor of parking my own car(uhm… college student here!) before finding the actual ballroom. I told the girl working the door my name, which she recognized and I showed myself in and to my seat. I arrived at about 7 and the show started at about 7:30, so not terribly long of a wait. Plus, I bopped around meeting new people like Teowonna(a political/current events blogger who was just back from a convention in DC), saying hi to associates like Marquis Bias and Jai Marshall(Jai is the fashion blogger behind The Fat and Skinny blog), while meeting people that up until today I had only known through Twitter, like Ashleigh Armstrong(PR Girl who also happens to be Marquis’s VP for the Fashion Board).

Indira’s Designs at the Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

The showcase was divided up into three parts, the first one being designs by Indira. Don’t critique my video skills too quickly. I decided mid-show to switch to video and then I was kind of, not looking at the screen but in real life. I’ll get better. After Indira showed, the S.C. Exotic Creations line was shown. The designer of that line is Shafeka C. Carter. Afterwards was an intermission before my personal favorite of the night was shown, Signature. The designer, who’s name I got from Keisha from UK Models, is Anthony and sadly couldn’t be present. That’s a good thing for him because I was prepared to badger him until he let me take pieces home then. Last was an extensive selection of pieces from White House Black Market.

My notables:

  • Indira – Look one, I remembered I liked. Sadly, I didn’t capture it on camera. It was kinda like I looked up and said ooohh I likey, wait camera. When I was ready, she was gone. The only other one that stands out to me is the singular little boy. The white pants and button down shirt with the t-shirt underneath. It was surprisingly well down and it’s sad because it was the only one for guys but it looked really well done. I’d be interested in seeing more pieces for guys and more pieces for teens.
  • S.C. Exotic Creations – To be completely honest, I’d seen pieces from this collection when I did backstage work for Alana B. Couture last year. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I was younger and not as exposed but I do remember being alot more impressed by the pieces I saw then than the ones I saw today. That being said, there were these large geometric, silver earrings that came out that I took a liking to. I wanted to pull them off the model as she got to the end of the runway for a photoshoot concept I have. Hopefully the designer will just lend them though.
  • Signature – All I remember thinking was… how can I put that in a photoshoot, what concept can I build around it. And it happened piece after piece. First look out, I wanted it. It was so natural, so effortless, very… earthy like fire to me. Soo elemental. I think that I liked and respected this designer so much because he was the only one that I saw that went for it. Sometimes it worked and sometimes… like with the white jacket piece it didn’t quite strike my fancy. But I still respected him because he had the wherewithal to go for it.
  • White House Black Market – They are a household name. Who am I to judge? Lol

EVENT: Stevie Boi Malibu Launch Party

The cake.

If you love futuristic shades that make heads turn then you are in for a treat when you check out the photos I was able to take Saturday night at Still NYC. Stevie Boi along side others hosted an Event to launch the Stevie Boi Malibu Line of Accessories. The crowd was good, the music was good, but the fashion was even better. Take a look.

See the pictures from the event below the clip

The Boy Toy and I.
Stevie Boi and Paul.

Hope you enjoyed the photos.

Written by: Courtney Arnold
Images taken by: Courtney Arnold

EDITORIAL: The Beginning of the End

Photographed by Terence Chin, model Xiya Xu models an assortment of clean and chic ensembles that juxtapose the gritty and urban location. Styled by Pip Vassett the looks include pieces by ManiaMania, Prada, Just Cavalli, Galliano, and Sass & Bide. Not created for a particular publication, the team involved in this shoot are certainly One’s to Watch.

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Ross Tanner, 27, Model/Carpenter/Musician & Alice Dellal, 22, Model/Managing Partner of Dominic Jones Jewelry
“[We met] one evening at the house of a tattoo artist. I was getting something small behind my left ear, and Alice’s friend happened to be getting a tattoo, too.”-Ross Tanner

The March Issue of Interview Brings us this lovely dark editorial called Union Pack. Composed of various inseparable yet phenomenal emerging duos wearing this season’s best of British designs, the pictures and mood stroked my fancy just fine.

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Jethro Cave, 18, Model/Musician & Sophie Willing, 21, Model/Actress
“I first met Jethro about a year ago at a fashion show after-party in Australia. Then we met in London through friends at the cat & mutton pub and we’ve been together since! Falling in love with Jethro has been wild fun. he’s a very talented man.”-Sophie Willing

Alex Poots, 24, Model/Student & Imogen Poots, 20, Actress
“She’s everything I’m not, and is therefore essential to the way I construct myself.”-Alex Poots

Anna Korzun, 21, Model & Richard Frenneaux, 25, Singer/Producer
“[We met] four years ago-on Myspace of all places! Within weeks of meeting each other in person, we moved to London to be together.”– Anna Korzun

VIDEO: Oyster Vision Designer

Oyster Vision Designer Pathways: Episode 1

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VIDEO: Georgy Baratashvili


For London Fashion Week, Georgy Baratashvili, a Russian born fashion design who offers a “fresh take on contemporary menswear” showed this video. London as a whole is making large strides with incorporating video into fashion. Just take the 7th Man magazine for example. Even though the first issue hasn’t come out yet to my knowledge, the website for the magazine already says that it will lead the way in “Videotorials” or video editorials. Hopefully I’ll get around to writing a blog specifically about this magazine but right now I just want to talk about Baratashvili.
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Above is the rehearsal video for the performance. The choreography was done by Darja Reznikova. Darja is apart of the Transitions Dance Company now and was born in Ukraine. A dancer since the age of 6, Darja has received training in classical ballet and modern, both of which are evident in her choreography. She made it to London, after moving around between Germany and the US, to study Dance and Theatre at Bird College. Her choreography for this showing to me shows strength yet at the same time grace, and a softness that is not normally associated with male dancers. There’s a tenderness to this presentation that I believe at times stands out as a stark contrast to the clothing.

Baratashvili is known in some circles for his work with Puma, and in others for his latest work with layering in his own line. Utilizing leather and a variety of other materials, Baratashvili is quickly making a name for himself and fulfilling what he has claimed to be. He really and truly is giving a new take on contemporary men’s fashion. I love the entire artistic direction for this video. The choreography adds yet another layer atop the clothing. It’s just so much because they combine two of my favorite loves, and I can only hope that more designers will employ videos that utilize dancers who will really be able to showcase the garments in motion.

Alana Zimmer in Vogue Beauty

Whereas I don’t have the name of this editorial, I do love it. The color palette, the flowy textures, all of the fabric. I fell completely in love with the editorial in Vogue Italia. Kenzo and Versace are shot on Alana Zimmer by Greg Lotus. The jewelry pieces anchored the very airy editorial. There are no words to describe my love for this particular editorial.

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