MAGAZINE: Style Sample 7

Sooo instead of studying for the two other finals I have I’ve been browsing around the net gettng myself into all kinds of stuff! For example, above is Style Sample magazine Issue 7 that I saw on Issuu. The magazine is one for bloggers and pretty much has information about bloggers in the industry and the things that they are doing as well as other independent fashionistas out there. If you were ever into zines, think Zine World(which I may be writing for YIKES!) on a smaller scale. Anyways the publication also gives pretty interesting tips for bloggers about increasing their brands. You can check out the issue in it’s entirety, above by pressing the arrows.

Read about Looklet and Fashion Stake below
So, from a link in the magazine, I found myself over at Fashion Stake. I immediately loved the tagline I saw, “democratize fashion”. Now whether that’s going to happen or not, I’m not sure, but I did sign up to recieve updates on the venture. Apparently some Harvard students got together and decided that with the advent of crowd sourcing it was now time to let the masses invest in start up fashion lines and have a say in what has a chance to succeed and what doesn’t. The management team is made up of two business school students, and the board of advisors includes a Harvard professor, two fashion industry “experts” and a technology advisor. About an hour ago an APB was sent out via twitter searching for an addition to this team. The tweet read:

Looking for exceptional Lead Developer, Marketing Director and Head Buyer, tweet or email if interested

Whereas I’m not positive about how successful the venture will be(I have my reservations about having designers collab with the masses just because they threw them a few dollars) my interest is piqued from the screenshots of the site. Designers that are shown in the screenshots include 3.1 Philip Lim, Alexander Wang, and Donna Karan. Wait and I don’t think I mentioned, in addition to being able to minimally influence these designer’s collections supporters also are given credits for clothing dependent upon how much they contribute.
After that I returned to the Sample Style magazine website and eventually stumbled upon the Looklet website! I did like Polyvore when it first came out but my problem was that I couldn’t put the clothes on a model. I would love to have been able to see how the clothes would look if I created a lookbook. With Looklet, this is SOOO simple! The picture here is the first outfit that I whipped together. Whereas it’s cool that I can now show people my styling aesthetic, it’s not good for these finals that I need to be studying for!!