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Marquis Bias Interview and USC Fashion Week

Marquis Bias speaking with ABC at the USC Fashion Week Show
photo by Keri Goff for The Daily Gamecock
“Put both of them on,” Marquis Bias instructed handing the model two gold braided belts. She wrapped them around her waist and turned around for Marquis’s approval. He nodded, scanning the clothes carefully placed on the walls of DeLibel Boutique, “There’s alot of pieces here to choose from but it has to go with my story,” he said.

The story was told last night at 701 Whaley as the Fashion Board at the University of South Carolina put on their annual fashion show as apart of their fashion week. This year featured one student designer named Laura McCall, as well as 8 local boutiques, and was Marquis’s 3rd year putting on the event, his second as President. “I guess in a way it is [my grand finale].” He says looking down at his armful of bracelets, and idly playing with one of his most prized, an Alexis Bittar given to him by roommate and Fashion Board Vice President of Social Outreach, Ashleigh Armstrong.

A few days before the show, which boasted an audience of about 350 people, I sat in on one of Marquis’s many fittings and chatted with him about his life in fashion as well as the industry in general.

“I wanna be [Andre Leon Talley] when I grow up, I really want to be him when I grow up, he has so much power in the industry,” Marquis confided in me. Though he named names like June Ambrose, Nicola Formichetti, and Rachel Zoe when asked about inspirational people in the industry it was Talley who stuck out to him. Not only does the striking similarity in life stories impact Marquis(both were raised in small traditional southern towns where they were introduced to glamour, beauty, and fashion by their grandmothers) but also Talley’s way of doing things. He explained how Talley has a penchant for taking new industry personel under his wing. “Especially for the black girls in the industry: when they come in the industry with a bad hair weave he takes them under his wing, introduces them to Valentino , and goes and get their hair done.”

Having worked for Gregory Ellenburg of Gregory Ellenburg, Anne Postic of The Shop Tart, and Annabelle LaRoque of LaRoque, Marquis knows a bit about what it takes to be a success in the industry. “One of the key things to being a successful stylist is relationships,” says Marquis rotating Rocko, a green jeweled lizard ring, on his finger. Relationships with designers, models, photographers, and even other stylists all can benefit a working stylist. One of Marquis’s most cherished relationships is the one he has with industry stylist, Becca Alexis, who is a huge mentor of his.”I know she’s like crazy busy and yet she always makes time to respond to my messages and stuff.” said Marquis of the stylist who’s worked with Janet Jackson, Kanye West, and Trey Songz.
Marquis mainly stood alone as he hosted the fashion show last night. In a pair of sequined trousers and with an armful of new pieces, he thanked retailers and designers for allowing a “little boy from Timmonsville” to use their resources for year after year to put on what has become one of the largest annual fashion shows in Columbia. The show is Marquis’s last as apart of Fashion Board but we’re sure to see his Louis Vuitton monogrammed hold-all flitting around Columbia for at least a little longer as he continues on in his pursuit to “beautify the world one sequin at a time.”

G Magazine’s Fashion Greenville

So I mentioned it in passing but I have yet to really get into the meat and heart of the situation have I? Well this weekend, October 22nd and 23rd, Greenville, South Carolina will be hosting G Magazine’s Fashion Greenville. The event is the first of it’s kind to happen in Greenville and already boasts 65 models walking in 4 shows. Sponsored by Wireless Communications, people involved include Lynne Curtin of The Real Housewives of Orange County and Rachel Roy who will be showing her RACHEL Rachel Roy Collection that will be sold at Macy’s. Others to show include Gregory Ellenburg, as well as Coplon’s and Hampden Clothing(see the full schedule below the break). Tickets are still available.
I really look forward to the event. The tents are going up tomorrow, although I don’t think I’ll be able to arrive until Friday. From what I’ve read I’m already excited, and the PR contact who’s working with me is great, so that always makes things so much better. I won’t make any promises on how coverage will go but I’m thinking… videos posted the night of. I mean I do want you to watch me gallivant 🙂

The Schedule is as follows with local designers in bold.

6:00 PM: Doors open – general seating
7:00PM: Beija-Flor Jeans featuring Lynne Curtin Designs
7:15PM: Monkees of the WestEnd
7:30PM: Rush Wilson
7:45PM: Trousseau
8:30PM: Doncaster
8:45PM: Augusta 20
9:00PM: Hampden Clothing
9:15PM: Hincapie Sportswear


6:00PM: Doors open – general seating
7:00PM: Southern Tide
7:15PM: Plaza Suite
7:30PM: The Runway
7:45PM: Gregory Ellenburg
8:30PM: Smith and James/Chelsea’s
8:45PM: Sassy on Augusta
9:00PM: Pedal Chic
9:15PM: Coplon’s
9:30PM: Macy’s featuring RACHEL Rachel Roy
10:00PM: Fashion Greenville VIP Celebration at Devereaux’s hosted by Lynne Curtin of Real Housewives of Orange County. VIP ticket required.

Haute Fall Fashion Edition by UK Models

So if I’m supposed to be the gallivanting boy, then it only makes sense that I gallivant right? Well the first event that I’m covering is the Haute Fall Fashion Event. So my opinion of the collections (aholic by Brad Boltinghouse, Indira’s Designs, Adero by Adrina, and Alana B Couture) is pretty much summed up in the above video. I do want to again thank UK Models for inviting me out to the event and look forward to more. For your viewing pleasure, here’s a short video that Jai Marshall of The Fat and Skinny on Fashion, created that includes all of the finale walks.

Check out some images from the show in the galleries.

EVENT: UK Models Designer Debut Showcase

Opening Look from Indira’s Designs at the UK Models Designer Debut Showcase
Photo By: Mark Green of Mark Verks Photography
Model: Ashley(UK)
So, I tweeted about it, I’ve blogged on my personal blog about it and now I’m finally ready to bring the news here, to 803 Markese Street. On this past Sunday, I was in attendance at the UK Model Agency’s Designer Debut Showcase here in Columbia, South Carolina. Scheduled to start at 7:00 PM, the event took place in the Grand Ballroom of the Columbia Marriott, in the heart of our city. I sat front row, VIP representing the blog, and I must admit I did have a really nice time. There were four runway shows: Indira Designs, SC Exotic Creations, The Signature collection, and White House Black Market with a live band, Cassangles, that is based out of Columbia.

See the rest of our coverage below the clip

Look from SC Exotic Creations from the UK Models Debut Designer Showcase.
Photo By: Mark Green of Mark Verks Photography
Model: Lakenya(UK)
I arrived at the event at 7pm, and was shown to the front row. I made a little small talk before things got under way. The first designer was Indira’s Designs who showed a variety of children’s looks. There were a few teen looks and one look for boys. My favorite look of the entire show was the first look. The model, Ashley(UK), looks like a total doll, I just loved it. The second designer of the night was SC Exotic Creations. Models were clothed in all black with edgy earrings. I loved the piece above… you may be seeing them again soon 🙂 The third label was The Signature Collection, who is based out of NC. I was really kind a infatuated with his collection, and his first model, Tulane. She was so beautiful and as you can see she makes the garment move beautifully. The last collection was White House Black Market.

Look one from The Signature Collection at the UK Models Designer Debut Showcase
Photographer: Mark Green from Mark Verks Photography
Model: Tulane(UK)
At the show I met designers, models, as well as photographers and other industry personnel. Marquis Bias, a local fashion guru, was there with Ashleigh Armstrong, a PR girl. They are the President and Vice President, respectively, of the Fashion Board of USC. The organization really is working wonders on the local industry. In addition, I met up with fellow fashion bloggers Jai Marshall and Eb Looney. Jai is currently completing graduate work in addition to running a FAB blog, while Eb is a makeup artist in addition to her blog work. I met a few photographers and all the pictures you see are from Mark Green. We have something else in store for you guys though 🙂

Male look from The Signature Collection at the UK Models Designer Debut Showcase
Photographer: Mark Green from Mark Verks Photography
Model: Tim(UK)

Indira’s Designs:
SC Exotic Creations:
The Signature Collection:
White House Black Market:

PERSONAL: Meeting Columbia Fashion Royalty

My accessories for the night

So if you follow my tweets, or keep up with blog posts here, you may have noticed that I kept mentioning a fashion show that I would be attending. Well I attended and I’m back to tell the tale 🙂 The picture above is one of me modeling what I love to take pictures of after going to events, my accessories. I do need to add to my accessory collection but… that’s griping for another day. Plus it’s late… and there are meetings and internships to complete in the morning. On to the Designer Debut Showcase put on by UK Models.

Goody Bag from Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

I was made of UK Models during my internship searching phase. Although I was offered an internship I turned it down in favor of the assortment I now have. [edited] I turned down the internship humbly and graciously in hopes of not burning bridges because I really respect the women behind the agency. Look what it’s gotten me… a goody bag! Oh wait do you know what that means?? Oh, I didn’t snap a picture of my front row seat with my name on it… sorry. (That means I was VIP for those not well versed in Fashion Show Seating 101)

The Goods inside the Bag from the Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

Anywho, down to the actual event. It was at the Marriott downtown. I ditched the $10 valet in favor of parking my own car(uhm… college student here!) before finding the actual ballroom. I told the girl working the door my name, which she recognized and I showed myself in and to my seat. I arrived at about 7 and the show started at about 7:30, so not terribly long of a wait. Plus, I bopped around meeting new people like Teowonna(a political/current events blogger who was just back from a convention in DC), saying hi to associates like Marquis Bias and Jai Marshall(Jai is the fashion blogger behind The Fat and Skinny blog), while meeting people that up until today I had only known through Twitter, like Ashleigh Armstrong(PR Girl who also happens to be Marquis’s VP for the Fashion Board).

Indira’s Designs at the Designer Debut Showcase by UK Models

The showcase was divided up into three parts, the first one being designs by Indira. Don’t critique my video skills too quickly. I decided mid-show to switch to video and then I was kind of, not looking at the screen but in real life. I’ll get better. After Indira showed, the S.C. Exotic Creations line was shown. The designer of that line is Shafeka C. Carter. Afterwards was an intermission before my personal favorite of the night was shown, Signature. The designer, who’s name I got from Keisha from UK Models, is Anthony and sadly couldn’t be present. That’s a good thing for him because I was prepared to badger him until he let me take pieces home then. Last was an extensive selection of pieces from White House Black Market.

My notables:

  • Indira – Look one, I remembered I liked. Sadly, I didn’t capture it on camera. It was kinda like I looked up and said ooohh I likey, wait camera. When I was ready, she was gone. The only other one that stands out to me is the singular little boy. The white pants and button down shirt with the t-shirt underneath. It was surprisingly well down and it’s sad because it was the only one for guys but it looked really well done. I’d be interested in seeing more pieces for guys and more pieces for teens.
  • S.C. Exotic Creations – To be completely honest, I’d seen pieces from this collection when I did backstage work for Alana B. Couture last year. Now I’m not sure if it’s because I was younger and not as exposed but I do remember being alot more impressed by the pieces I saw then than the ones I saw today. That being said, there were these large geometric, silver earrings that came out that I took a liking to. I wanted to pull them off the model as she got to the end of the runway for a photoshoot concept I have. Hopefully the designer will just lend them though.
  • Signature – All I remember thinking was… how can I put that in a photoshoot, what concept can I build around it. And it happened piece after piece. First look out, I wanted it. It was so natural, so effortless, very… earthy like fire to me. Soo elemental. I think that I liked and respected this designer so much because he was the only one that I saw that went for it. Sometimes it worked and sometimes… like with the white jacket piece it didn’t quite strike my fancy. But I still respected him because he had the wherewithal to go for it.
  • White House Black Market – They are a household name. Who am I to judge? Lol

Memories: After School Special Fashion Show

So… I’m in my Google Reader glancing around and I see this picture that instantly reminds me of After School Special, the fashion show I put on at school.

For the show, I went to GAP and got clothes from there to put on the models. One of the models, my friend, Jonathan Kittrell, did not show up for the fitting, but I had his sizes so I put something together for him anyway. CHRIS AUSTAD here, photographed by ARNALDO ANAYA-LUCCA for GERMAN GQ is wearing a hoodie very similar to one I layered for Jonathan.

I put the hoodie on Jonny because of the fact that I was absolutely in love with it! I loved the material and the fact that it was a hoodie!!! As a matter of fact there were a couple of hoodies on the guys in the show. No, none of them were open like this though, because well, it was a high school show, and only about 3 of them would have even been able to pull the look off. Anyway, Jonny, and all the other models did exceptionally well, and I guess that you can say that was my first experience in the fashion industry. I worked along side stores in my area to put on an event that in my opnion went relatively well, all things considered.