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I think I’m going to start doing this on a regular basis, but these are some links that have things I either didn’t get to but wanted to, though was interesting, or want to write about but don’t know how. The word in parenthesis should take you directly to the article unless of course something in the sentence is hyperlinked, then what is in parenthesis will take you to the home page of the blog in question. Hope you enjoy!!! All of these came off of the Google Reader of course!

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LA Fashion Week: Dead or Alive?

So, as usual this post stems from my Google Reader!!!

I’m scrolling through and I finally arrive at a Fashion PR Blog PR Couture post. I read

Are we witnessing the demise of Fashion Week? (via WSJ) Los Angeles may be better known for wearing fashion than selling it, but the problem goes beyond L.A. There is a growing sense among designers and producers of fashion events that the time-honored system of selling fashion from runways is losing ground. Inspired by the recent PR […]

and immediately tweet about it!!

OMG!!!! LA fashion week sees it’s demise?http://online.wsj.com/artic… I die! No I blog

and then lapse into research mode. I see NICK VERREOS in a picture so I use that as a starting point. Dead End but still I want his input so I resign to leave comment on his blog. I then am left to my own resources.. GOOGLE OF COURSE!! I find a few articles and click click click, before devouring as much as I could find on the subject. What I found quelled my fears.

Apparently IMG, an organization that I will deem a fashion power house until proven otherwise, has pulled out of LA Fashion Week along with SMASHBOX STUDIOS. These two sponsors along with a few others pulling out means that the location that has been used for LA Fashion Week for the longest, SMASHBOX STUDIOS, is no longer a viable option. Also, because LA Fall/Winter fashion week occurs after all of the rest, most of the money that magazines, and other companies have to spend on shipping their teams around the world is spent by the time LA rolls around.

The shows aren’t a big with A-list celebrities either, even though they are in Hollywood’s BACK YARD!

Contrary to popular belief though, people are going to the shows!!! WSJ paints me a picture of models walking for empty seats. This though, is not the case. While the budgets are slimmer, the shows have become more creative, and are still well attended. Fashion Week in March was NOT CANCELLED according to ALISON NIEDER at APPARELNEWS.NET and the proof is in the schedule. While the shows are no longer centralized, they are still occuring and only require a little effort, which in my opinion is more LA style.

In New York you are blinded by flashing lights, and everyone pulling you to be at their event, spend your money here, well at least that’s my take on the situation. In my opinion, in LA you have all those things still there, but it’s more laid back wherein you have to go look for what you want. It’s there but you have to find it. New York is bunched together, and cluttered while LA is sprawling! As a matter of fact I think that LA Fashion week will benefit from this change because the shows will more than likely become more creative. They will be staged in various places that will help designers more thoroughly develop the mood. Also, I think that it’s going to give bloggers like me a better chance of getting in!!! Hahaha!

Bottom Line: LA Fashion Week is ALIVE!!! You just have to go look for it!!!!